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Dogs And Watches - A Wonderfully Distracting Photo Gallery

If you need a distraction from the escalating COVID-19 figures, Watchonista has just the thing for you: Dogs and watches! Plus, a couple of cats, a kangaroo, a lion cub, and a goose thrown in for good measure.

By Sophie Furley

Last week, I saw a fun gallery on topgear.com with photos of dogs in cars. It made me smile so much that I decided to cheekily copy the idea and do a watch version. I did a shout-out to the Instagram watch community, asking them to send me their pictures of dogs and watches. Then I patiently waited for the adorable submission to come in.

Watch: Patek Philippe Ref. 5164a, Model: Lola, Styling and photography: @pbandw

The watch community is truly a wonderful group of people who love their animals as much as they love their watches. But they didn’t stop at dogs. I received photos of cats, a lion cub, a Shetland pony, a kangaroo, and a goose too.

Cats were particularly popular, and I couldn’t help but notice how many of the cat lovers were also avid Seiko fans. This totally baffled me, until I received an email (and a cat picture) from @twobrokewatchsnobs who informed me that they were responsible for a movement called #seikocaturday.

Watch: Seiko, Model: Yang, Styling and photography: @twobrokewatchsnobs who star

Yes, this is actually a thing. Cat and Seiko owners post their pictures on Saturday, and there are hundreds of them. So, if you have a Seiko, you need to get a cat, and if you have a cat, you definitely need to get a Seiko!

In addition to the cats and Seikos, you will discover timepieces (in order of appearance) from Citizen, Patek Philippe, Bell & Ross, Seiko, Oris, Doxa, Casio, Panerai, F. P. Journe, Rolex, Bremont, Breitling, Tudor, Cecil Purnell, Bulova, Audemars Piguet, Amphibia, IWC, Girard-Perregaux, Hermès, Omega, and Montblanc.

Watch: Oris, Model: Maisy, Styling and Photography: @mikemullaneyphotography

So, with no further ado, here is a selection of our favorite watch and animal photos. Thank you to all our four-legged friends who participated and all the owners who spent their weekend following their pets around the house with a camera!

Watch: Doxa SUB 200, Model: Milo, Styling and photography: @sophie_furley

We would like to apologize to anyone who can’t find their photo here, we tried to feature as many of your animals as possible, but due to low resolution, some of them didn’t work on a big computer screen. But thank you for all your efforts, we truly appreciate your enthusiasm and kindness in sharing pictures of your pets.

Watch: Casio, Model: Tao, Styling and photography: @je_tomm
Watch: Panerai PAM 510, Model: Parker, Styling and photography: @pbandwatches
atch: F. P. Journe, Model: Milo, Styling and photography: @justanotherwatchguy
Watch: Seiko, Models: Winkey the dog and Millie the gosling, Styling and Photogr
Watch: Rolex, Model: Fado, Styling and photography by fellow watch journalist To
Watch: Seiko, Model: Apple, Styling and photography: @aaron_shapiro
Watch: Citizen, Model: Sahara the boxer, Styling and photography: @tomsortolini
Watch: Rolex, Model: Kensington, Styling and photography by Mark @golf_and_watch
Watch: Bremont, Model: Lion cub, Photography and styling Tareq Al Duaij and @kei
Watch: Breitling, photography and styling: @buyingmytime
Watch: Seiko, Model: A stray cat, Styling and photography by Adrian @watchesinna
Watch: Tudor, Model: Gretchen Wieners the miniature Dachshund, Styling and photo
Watch: Cecil Purnell, Model: Bandito the British long hair, Styling and photogra
Watch: Bulova, Model: Eloise, Styling and photography: @buyingontime
Watch: Audemars Piguet, Model: Hakkasan
Watch: Amphibia, Model: Molly, Styling and photography: @mywatchmovement
Watch: Seiko, Model: Mia, Styling and photography: @timeonthewrist_richard
Watch: IWC Portofino Pure Classic 8 Day with Santoni orange leather strap, Model
Watch: Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye, Model: Ronnie James Dio, Styling and photogra
Watch: Vintage Hermès, Model: Bertie, Styling and photography: The author’s Aunt
Watch: Tudor Black Bay, Model: Hugo, Styling and photography @tellewellyn
Watch: Omega Speedmaster, Model: Neus, Styling and photography by fellow watch j
Watch: Montblanc, Model Utah, Styling and photography @mlt.j
Watch: Breitling, Model: Lyra the Irish Setter, Styling and photography: @breitb
Watch: Seiko, Model: Tanjung, Styling and photography by Adrian @watchesinnature
Watch: Patek Philippe, Model: Spanky, styling and photography: @gusmeantime
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