Bremont Shark

In Time For Summer, The Bremont FA-UX Dive Watch With Shark Recognition Technology

Like me, many of you may have an irrational fear of sharks. It started for me after viewing JAWS as a child. This anxiety stems from the stealthy nature of sharks.

By Josh Shanks

We’ve all seen our favorite actors and actresses get nibbled on by these large grey beasts. For years, we’ve been helpless to discover a way to detect these creatures.

Obviously, sonar and buoy technology has gone a long way to advance the cause of shark detection, but thus far, we haven’t seen any watch companies try to make a watch with shark detection.

Bremont Shark

That all changed today, when Bremont introduced the Bremont FA-UX dive watch. The FA-UX is a modification of a Bremont Supermarine 300 with some highly-proprietary detection technology inside. I tried to coax the secret out of Bremont’s PR manager, but was given a very vague response of “you know how sharks smell blood in the water? Well we reversed that technology, and now the watch can smell sharks”. I would imagine intel is involved somehow.

As for the technicals, the piece is 40mm and fitted with Bremont’s BE-92AE movement. It should be noted that the shark detection technology adds 10mm of thickness to the case. You may be asking, how does the detection meter work? Well, it’s simple, just hold the watch up to the nearest shark and the dial-side LED will turn Green or Red depending on the “sharkiness” of your surroundings.

The piece will be produced in a limited fashion at first as Bremont is really gauging market interest. Now for the price, as of press time, is 105,000 of whatever currency you’re willing to give Bremont (EUR, CHF, CHF preferred).

Bremont’s ad for the new piece:

Bremont Shark

April fools :D

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