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Photo Gallery: Singer Reimagined Presents Both Versions of the Track 1 in New York City

The Singer Reimagined Track 1 is the brainchild of Singer Vehicle Design’ Rob Dickinson, industrial designer Macro Borraccino, and Agenhor’s Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. The brand recently made a stop in New York City to present the piece to collectors and VIPs.

By Watchonista

The Singer Reimagined Track 1

As watch collectors and car aficionados, we here at Watchonista particularly appreciate the work being done by Singer Reimagined. We’ve previously covered the impressive Track 1 here.

The automotive inspired Track 1 took over two years to develop and like the cars that come out of Singer’s workshops, every detail has undergone intense scrutiny to ensure perfection has been achieved.

While a central chronograph may be the most striking head-on detail of the Track 1. What lies on the back of the watch is what has captured the attention of so many aficionados. For the movement, the brand partnered with Agenhor’s Jean-Marc Wiederrecht to create the Agengraphe.

The Track 1 is central chronograph with peripheral time display. The focus here being on the chronograph while timekeeping is secondary. Singer Reimagined and Agenhor believes drivers want to enjoy and time their track drives more than they want to watch the passing of time. Which in today’s day and age is smart, considering most watch lovers and vintage car enthusiasts want to revisit eras of the past, not continually chase the future and be rushed to be on time somewhere.

Track 1 – Geneva Edition

Part of Singer Reimages trip to New York was to deliver the Track 1 to select clients and present a new edition, the Track 1 – Geneva Edition. This new timepiece is part of four editions that Singer Reimagined has planned for the next year. With eight in total planned over the next two years. The Track 1 – Geneva Edition features a stunning black lacquer dial and a brushed yellow gold case which features a proprietary alloy that Singer calls ‘Light Yellow 1N’. The piece features the Agengraphe movement and retails for CHF 72,000.

Being that both editions of the Singer Reimagined Track 1 were in New York City at the same time, it made for a special time to discover each piece.

You can learn more about Agenhor here

Singer Reimagined visits New York City

When co-founder Marco Borraccino told us he was coming to New York, we knew good times were about to be had. The Singer Reimagined team asked Watchonista to cover the festivities and host a lunch for some of our friends in the enthusiast community. We happily jumped at the chance.

What kind of venue could hold such a soiree? The Classic Car Club of Manhattan of course. Singer Reimagined chose the right venue to showcase their automotive inspired central chronograph. Also on display were five Singer Vehicle Design Porches which were positively stunning. For a sunny afternoon we dined on the terrace for a Watchonista x Singer Reimagined lunch.

Throughout the week, Singer Reimagined hosted collectors, VIPs, press, and culminated their visit with a special cocktail evening for friends and collectors.

Singer Reimagine sums up their love of cars and watches quite simply:

“It is driven by the passion for the sport classic watches of the 1960s and 1970s, by the love for the engineering complexity of the automatic chronograph and by the authentic connection between automotive and horological worlds.”

We present you a photo gallery of our favorite moments from Singer Reimagined’s trip to New York City.

(Photography by Liam O’Donnell)

Photo Gallery

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