New Icons: A Macro Look at Rolex’s Baselworld Novelties

New Icons: A Macro Look at Rolex’s Baselworld Novelties

Famed watch photographer Atom Moore gets up close and personal with Rolex’s Baselworld 2018 novelties.

When I photograph things close up, it’s to see more than what the naked human eye can see. Looking closer at an object will give our minds a different understanding of its characteristics. I find that getting more in-depth with any watch teaches me more about the aesthetics and craftsmanship than any standard angle photograph can. 


What I love about Rolex is their crispness of design. When I focus closer with my lens I can see that they have not just created a watch that they can manufacture to an extremely high tolerance, but one that can be produced more than a million times with the same accuracy and precision. It does not matter what you think of this brand’s aesthetics and design. The impressive level at which they can make such a high volume of watches is their true artistry. That their designs have become synonymous with the watch collector’s mindset and vernacular is no surprise.

Being inclined towards vintage watches myself, the now iconic “Pepsi” and “Root Beer” bezel GMT models are my favorites. To see them released anew in their modern guise is an inspiration to my eye and my lens. The #AtomMooreMacro technique is not to document the watch in front of me, but to try and see something beyond the sum of its parts. I want to explore the intentions of those behind the design and try to understand what it is at its core. 

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