Moving on with the philosophy of time with klokers

Klokers, the successful startup founded in 2014 offers to travel along for a human experience involving design and creativity but not only.

By Audrey Humbert

For those who still believe that success comes with luck, then this story might not be for them. During the Creative Mornings talk, it gets soon crystal clear that luck is in no way hidden behind the smashing success of the klokers crowdfunding campaign. Richard Piras, co-founder and CEO of the French company based in Haute-Savoie near Geneva, the Swiss watchmaking capital city, tells us about their receipt. The fourth best historical launch on Kickstarters with 200'000 euros raised in as little as 2 hours owes its success to a great human experience leading to the introduction of a new concept of Machines to travel through time (English translation for Machine à voyager dans son temps).


Klokers clearly differentiates from competitors in three ways:

1. In a busy bubbling watch environment that could be at a new turn, klokers supplies a clearly distinctive way to wear time. The idea is to offer the wearer to own his time instead of running after it in what seems to be an ever busier and more connected world.

2. klokers brings a complete experience for its klokers community members. Beyond the idea of owning ones time, klokers encourages its community to dream. Dream of uniqueness, dream of successful entrepreneurial and travel experiences achieved with the serenity of perfect time management. 


3. As an absolute concept, it encompasses way more than a watch. The watch head can be mounted on several support and be worn as pocket watch or wristwatch but one can also imagine the watch to become a desk clock or anything else that would suit either a busy manager to fly through the day or an original and inspired individual to express his own style. The colors are trendy and the range sets no limit to creativity.

KLOK-01 pays homage to an iconic instrument: the slide rule. Through its graphical representation, time is displayed along a vertical red line by the means of three rotating concentric rings. Although you might first think of some new concept looking at the past with a fresh vintage look, you will soon realize that it is absolutely not the intention. KLOK-01 is intended to be contemporary and brings a solution based on timeless references to everyone willing to master its own time and move toward a bright future. 


The klokers founders are pushing it further with KLOK-02 and its 5 minute graduation. We agree that for most of us, knowing the time with an accuracy of each minute is not necessary. Hence, time is worn and used without pressure through the deliberate choice of a less accurate display. klokers also makes it easy to travel through time thanks to an ingenious push button mechanism that allows to switch time zone on demand.

After such an inspiring and insightful talk at Creative Mornings, I will keep this conclusion: “Time is polymorphic. Create yours.”


I also invite you to watch the video of the presentation  and visit the klokers website for more details.

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