Klokers Expands Their Collection With The KLOK-01 In Midnight Blue

Klokers Expands Their Collection With The KLOK-01 In Midnight Blue

In only three years, Klokers has managed to create their watchmaking universe, patented both for the time display and the fixation mechanism. A real family which today welcomes a new member: the Midnight Blue KLOK-01.

By Benjamin Teisseire

A best-seller

Launched through crowdfunding in 2015, the young French brand reaped EUR 600,000 thanks to its innovative concept and atypical design inspired from calculus rulers from the 70s which enables the wearer to read the time without the traditional hands.

The KLOK-01 is the eldest of the family: it paved the way and unveiled the concept to the watchmaking world. It has been rewarded by the Bpifrance excellence network, the 2018 Design Observer label, and a German Design Award 2019 nomination. It was also this model which ensured the successful launch of the brand and the foundation of the big Klokers family: hundreds of thousands of owners and 270 retailers across 19 countries. It adorns itself today with a gorgeous Midnight Blue dial.

The case is still 44mm. It is still ‘'Swiss Made,'' and it still displays the time on three concentric, circular disks, revolving anti-clockwise, indicating respectively the hours, the minutes and the seconds in the center which can be read on the vertical axis at 12 o’clock.

An intense midnight blue

This latest color declination is splendid! The light playing on the lightly shiny dial offers blues ranging from deep, intense dark to vivid clear as a cloudless summer sky. You never get tired. The central seconds disk animation brings an appealing playfulness which differs from the traditional seconds hand. It generates a sincere sympathy for this high-precision quartz timekeeper. The patented fixation mechanism is of childlike simplicity.

The case clips and unclips easily, enabling to change straps at envy (provided you have bought several from the company). Small details then come to attention reinforcing the growing attachment to the model. The push button at 8 o’clock that serves to unclip the case is covered with bright red lacquer, echoing two stitches at the top of the bracelet. It works perfectly with the blue shades. Likewise, the central deep blue dot reinforces the liveliness of the whole. It works!

Part of the family

With Klokers, one enters a whole new and unique watchmaking universe. One becomes a member of this large community they have successfully created. Being able to unclip the case and show it around to surprised fellow watch lovers is fun. Time is read differently. On that precisely: it is a learning process. Our brains have been formatted by the two or three hands time telling method, so it takes a moment to adjust to this linear display. But our minds are agile and the human brain rapidly integrates this new gymnastics.

To be honest, my daughter's generation adopted it with blatantly faster ease than me. 30 years of traditional watchmaking passion versus the young brain of a digital native was unfair competition! In the end, the habit grows on you, so does the feeling of being part of a different watchmaking current. We cannot wait to see the new models like the 39mm unisex KLOK-08 coming out soon on the markets. Klokers is a beautiful adventure. To be continued.

The models are available in stores and on the e-shop starting September 18th. www.klokers.com

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