Photo Gallery: Grand Seiko Godzilla

King of The Monsters: Godzilla and Grand Seiko Rampage In LA For A Colossal Celebration

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, Godzilla himself made a special trip from Japan. Witness the disruptive power of a night with Grand Seiko and Godzilla!

By Josh Shanks
Managing Editor US

Last December, Watchonista traveled to Los Angeles to witness the destructive force of this unique partnership. For one night only, Grand Seiko reproduced a Tokyo underground scene inside Goya Studios, a popular Hollwood filming location. While the main attraction of the evening was certainly a seven-foot tall Godzilla, the event also had a Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift element to it. Multiple new and vintage Nissan GTRs were on display, including one from the personal collection of the late Paul Walker (aka Brian O'Conner in Fast & Furious).

Grand Seiko GBGA405 'Godzilla' 65th Anniversary Edition

Released in 2019, Grand Seiko's GBGA405 'Godzilla' 65th Anniversary Edition is unlike anything ever produced by Grand Seiko. Its vibrant red sunburst dial was made to imitate the heat ray beam which shoots from Godzilla's mouth. A distressed strap made from shark has all the texture of a prehistoric sea monster. A distintive case shape featuring multiple facets and Grand Seiko's Zaratsu polishing complete the GBGA405. Some would say it's the perfect 'Godzilla' watch. Which is entirely the point.

Los Angeles' Goya Studios for the Grand Seiko event

As evidenced by our recent Grand Seiko manufacture visit (read HERE), Ginza's Wako building holds a symbolic place in the heart of Seiko. Opened in 1952, the Wako store has welcomed millions of visitors from around the globe. The centerpiece of this retail destination is the Seiko branded clock tower positioned on the roof of the building. Viewers of Godzilla's first on-screen movie appearance in 1954 will no doubt notice that near the end of the film Godzilla destroys the Wako building. And with that, this bit of movie magic has forever bonded Grand Seiko and Godzilla. 

For Grand Seiko's 'King of the Monsters' event, a miniature replica of the Wako Clock Tower was reproduced. This made for the perfect photo opportunity of a kinder, gentler Godzilla demonstrating his best dance moves to the hundreds of Grand Seiko fans in attendance. Rumor has it, the suit itself was over 100 pounds, which gave me a newfound respect for the stunt men and women in my favorite horror films.

Godzilla makes an appearance!

Overall, this Godzilla themed fête was a refreshing reminder of the dynamism of the now independent Grand Seiko. From geishas to Godzilla, there was something for everyone at this soiree. With their 60th Anniversary right around the corner, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Grand Seiko has in store for 2020!

To hood artwork of one of the Nissan GTRs on display

Photo Gallery: Grand Seiko's King Of The Monsters Event

Please enjoy this photo gallery from Grand Seiko's King Of The Monsters event held December 3rd, 2019 at Los Angeles' Goya Studios.

Nissan GTRs at the Grand Seiko 'King Of The Monsters' event
Grand Seiko GBGA405 'Godzilla' on the wrist
Grand Seiko GBGA405 'Godzilla' 65th Anniversary Edition
Geishas make an appearance at Grand Seiko's King Of The Monsters event
Thanks for a memorable evening Grand Seiko!

(Photography by Watchonista)

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