Introducing Hublot’s Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique Limited Edition

Golden Hour: Introducing Hublot’s Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique Limited Edition

The world’s most famous bridge is the inspiration behind this boutique-only, limited edition timepiece.

By Rhonda Riche

Geographically and culturally, San Francisco is one of the most diverse places on the planet. Only seven square miles, the city has many microclimates within its limits (which help account for the trademark fog). Navigate northeast through the hilly terrain and you’ll hit the bay; go west and you’ll find the Pacific Ocean; and all along the way, you can hobnob with tech billionaires, eccentrics, and full-on foodies.

The one thing that links all of these elements together is the Golden Gate Bridge. So, it’s no wonder that Hublot would use this historic suspension bridge to inspire the look of its latest boutique-only timepiece – the Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique Limited Edition.

City Guide

Hublot has a history of celebrating the cities where its boutiques are located. For example, back in March, the brand’s Swiss-based design team reimagined four fan favorites for its two Las Vegas shops. The result was the Classic Fusion Chronograph Las Vegas Boutique, the Classic Fusion Chronograph Las Vegas Boutique Diamonds, The Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold Black Diamond Pave, and the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Las Vegas Boutique.

Hublot is a brand that has never been afraid of embracing or the unconventional, and San Francisco is a city that dances like no one is watching.

The Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique Limited Edition is an ode to the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, a structure widely considered to be the most beautiful bridge in the world.

Because Hublot is known for experimenting with different materials, the San Francisco Boutique’s popping orange bezel is also an appreciation of the bridge-builders ingenuity. Known as “international orange,” the shade was originally used as a primer to protect the bridge’s metal from corrosive elements. But, consulting architect, Irving Morrow, liked that the hue was both visible in the fog and looked great against the natural topography of the surrounding hills and cool blues of the bay, so he decided to keep it as the bridge’s permanent color.

Take Me to the Bridge

The city occupies only seven square miles, but its cultural impact is felt around the world. From Tony Bennett’s classic song “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” to Mission Burritos, even people who’ve never visited the city feel a connection to it. The Golden Gate Bridge – one of the wonders of the modern world – also symbolizes a physical and emotional connection between San Francisco and planet Earth.

Initially designed by poet and engineer, Joseph Strauss, in 1917, and completed in 1937, the suspension bridge is well-known for its soaring arches. The watch’s skeletonized dial, inside its 45mm case, evokes the lines of the cables and cantilevers that fill these arches. It is powered by Hublot’s mighty in-house Unico self-winding, column-wheel flyback chronograph movement (calibre HUB1242). Similar to the Golden Grate Bridge, which is flexible during high winds due to its unique design, the watch comes with flexible strap options – one black rubber strap and one orange velcro strap.

Picture Postcard

Hublot boutiques have always been a place where the brand bonds with local enthusiasts. To launch the new timepiece in true San Francisco style, the brand partnered with travel blogger, Julian Walter, to highlight this timepiece in a photographic series of landmark locations.

According to Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, “San Francisco is a city of such natural and cultural riches, golden by name, it is also golden by nature. We are delighted to dedicate this timepiece to the place and people that move the world forward with endless innovation and creativity.”

The Big Bang Unico Boutique San Francisco Limited Edition is limited to 20 pieces and available in-person exclusively at Hublot’s San Francisco boutique, and on their website for $22,500.

(Images © Hublot)

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