Alpina - watches & reviews

Founded in 1883 and famous for its red triangle signature, Alpina is a Swiss watchmaking manufacture based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Maison aims to develop luxury sports watches that operate with the greatest precision and reliability in the most demanding environments, like the Alps.

A true watchmaking pioneer, Alpina has been the source of numerous patents and innovative calibres for 137 years. In the early twentieth century, Alpina was known as an official supplier of time instruments for military pilots, before revolutionizing the concept of sports watches in 1938, with its legendary Alpina 4.

Faithful to its long tradition of innovation, in 2015, Alpina launched the first connected Swiss Made Horological Smartwatch, thereby creating a new segment in the Swiss luxury sports watch industry. In 2020, the Maison presented the AlpinerX Alive, a new generation of smartwatches equipped with an integrated heart rate sensor and GPS, amongst many other features. Also concerned about the preservation of the Planet, Alpina introduced the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic line, made of recycled plastic from the oceans.

Inspired by the alpine universe since its creation, Alpina has always been deeply involved in outdoor activities and mountain sports. The Maison has therefore developed strong partnerships illustrating its engagement to this world, alongside its “Alpinists” Team of athletes and Friends of the Brand, who compete in the most challenging environments.