Corum bubble mother of pearl luminova

Corum’s new “Bubble”: 42mm and 47mm with mother-of-pearl and SuperLuminova

Summer 2016: Corum's Bubble flies over beaches and vast marine stretches around the world and blend in easily with daytime lethargy and nighttime fever. Mother-of-pearl and SuperLuminova are in town.

By Joel Grandjean

Originally created on the cusp of the third millennium, the watchmaking UFO known as the Bubble has taken up residence in the heart of the collectors unconscious. Its unique look –a saucer covered by a sapphire dome –as well as the groundbreaking design make its success an absolute must!

Corum Heritage Bubble 42mm Corum Heritage Bubble 42mm

Invading the horizon and the planet

This year, summer kicked off with a pervading volley of new Bubble watches. In one corner, the protein-filled, lightly colored and ribbed beams of the mother-of-pearl version for women in a 42mm case. In the other corner, the men's version which glows with superluminova (the reflective material so special to watchmaking) encased in a 47mm bezel shining from both sides whilst playing peekaboo with endless appealing nuances.

An ode to women: the 42mm Bubble

The horizon where earth and sea meet and furthermore the roundness of the earth at that meeting point is a striking image that is intimately associated with the Bubble. It has never been as evident as it is now. It blends the unchanging spectacle of the endless roll of waves that come to rest gently on seashores or which crash against the defiant cliffs.

Corum Heritage Bubble 42mm Corum Heritage Bubble 42mm

Mother-of-pearl comes from the sea and Corum has borrowed it for the dials of its new feminine 42mm Bubble watches. The unevenly ribbed and warm lines cross either the organic white or the silky and smooth pastel blue or pink shades found on the watch's alligator straps.  These nuances shine through like a lovely ballet dance for which the leaf shaped hands a set to perform. The Piguet 4 Hertz self-winding movement with a 72 hour power reserve is of noble descent and is so reliable (as the Swiss Made label guarantees) that we might even forget it is there! The question is whether it is wise to keep such accurate tracking of time when on vacation?

Corum Bubble 47mm diameter Corum Bubble 47mm diameter

For the men, the 47mm limited edition Bubble

At dusk, the sunset turns into a luminous surprise. The halos created by stored light are then replaced again by the intimacy of dark to give leeway to the promise of romance, either as a direct approach or a discreet insinuation.

Whether it's on quiet terraces or on frenzied tracks, the elegant yet comfortable Bubble stands out on men’s wrists. The 88 numbered pieces of this 47mm limited edition with 100-meter water resistant give flashes of bright light at the very first glance. In fact, they are reflections of luminosity caused by the superluminova applied on some areas of the dial and from the leaf shaped hands

Corum Heritage Bubble 42mm Corum Heritage Bubble 47mm

Other than the fact that it can be red and black or even pure white, the distinguishing feature of this material is that it allows you to stay awake until dawn and witness the moment when dew bubbles start their slow evaporation. The heart of the caliber oscillates at 28,800 vibrations per hour thanks to the CO 082 caliber, which also features a self winding 42 hour power reserve. An extremely useful feature for those who enjoy sleeping that little bit longer!

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