A World Cup Worthy Conversation With Hublot Ambassador Alex Morgan

A World Cup Worthy Conversation With Hublot Ambassador Alex Morgan

In honor of this year’s World Cup and her partnership with Hublot, Watchonista got to chat with the superstar striker and Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan.

By Jessica “J.J.” Owens

Being the official timekeeper of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup, Hublot has fully embraced the partnership with not only a line-up of soccer…ahem…football legends, but multiple new projects that include entering the Metaverse and a digital Big Bang.

The World Cup and soccer in general holds a special place in my heart. As a former player and now spectator, this interview with Alex Morgan is exciting, as I admire her as both a player and woman championing equality.

Game Time > Watch Time?

JJ Owens: Was your earliest memory of time on the soccer field or did you have memories of watches and time prior to playing?

Alex Morgan: A staple of my parents’ outfits is a watch. Playing dress-up as a kid in my mom’s closet, choosing a watch with my outfit, that was essential.

JO: You’ve mentioned that you enjoy wearing Hublot and expressing yourself with their pieces. What similarities do you find between Hublot and yourself?

AM: I love fashion and developing my own personal style is something that is fun for me. Hublot is the epitome of style, performance, and grace, and those are all qualities that I value in life.

JO: As an iconic athlete who has scored countless game-winning goals and played down to each final second, what does time mean to you both on and off the field?

AM: Time is valuable. Whether it be the hours spent at practice training, the minutes left on the field to win a match, or the quality time spent with my family and friends, time is something you can’t get back and because of that, I work hard to make the most of it each and every day.

JO: You notably wore a Hublot Big Bang One Click at the USWNT victory parade in New York, how did you choose that watch for such a momentous occasion?

AM: The biggest stage deserves the biggest statement! The victory parade in New York was a day I will never forget and the memories will be timeless.

JO: As someone who has been at the top of her game for more than a decade, what keeps you motivated?

AM: Innovation is key. If you aren’t innovating, you aren’t improving. The game is always changing and I am always looking to improve in all aspects of my life. Whether it is working towards being the best player in the world or winning championships, there is always an opportunity to be a better player and teammate.

JO: Championing equal pay is a mission of yours. The watch industry is similarly a traditionally male-dominated industry. What advice do you have to women in male-dominated fields?

AM: Women should be fearless and strive for greatness in whatever we choose to do! I actually see incredible opportunity right now for women working in predominantly male-dominated spaces since our voices and points of view are needed more than ever to reach true success.

Visit Hublot’s website to learn more about Alex’s favorite pieces in the Big Bang collection. The FIFA World Cup begins November 20th on FOX Sports.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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