GOAL! Hublot Scores Big with the Limited Edition Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar

GOAL! Hublot Scores Big with the Limited Edition Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

As the Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup for the fourth consecutive outing, Hublot preempts the start of play in November in Qatar with a looping corner kick: a show-stopping timepiece in the famous Big Bang format with new third-generation connected watch capabilities.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Let me do my own ball-drop on the marquee technical feature of the new Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 from Hublot: A clever timeline function that will fuel soccer fans’ frenzies for the matches, even before they start.

The watch functions in “countdown” mode before the start of play, ticking off the days leading up to the first match between Qatar and Ecuador scheduled for November 20. And for each subsequent match, the watch will deliver team line-ups and player profiles 15 minutes before kick-off to whet the appetites of rabid fans amid their pre-game celebrations.

Wrist Play

With its bigger and better high-def dial screen than previous Big Bang e watches and the new features of its dedicated World Cup app, the excitement surrounding the Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 continues in earnest when the timepiece switches to “match mode.”

During each face-off, a scale on the outer edge of the dial, split into five sections, indicates the first and second halves of regulation play, extra time for each half, and half time itself. That same ring logs goals as they happen, posting a ball symbol at the appropriate minute marker after an exciting animation with the scoring player’s name splashed across the watch’s improved screen. The same tracking technology tracks and alerts the wearer to penalty cards and player substitutions.

The new app also tracks end-of-timed-play, extra-time intervals, and match ending shoot-outs. And, of course, a final animation celebrates the end of the match, the final score, and the winning team. To top off the virtual-soccer-game-on-your-wrist, you can replay any of the moments you choose using the crown to home-in on that big score.

This watch and its features are the epitome of one of those “why hasn’t someone done this before?” concepts that brings real and impactful improvement to the fan experience. And as the most-watched sporting event on the planet, the FIFA World Cup has a LOT of fans. But, of the more than 1 billion anticipated viewers, only 1,000 can have this watch.

Harnessing Connections Big-Time

“Hublot has always been ‘unique, first, different,’ becoming the first fine watchmaking brand in football [soccer] in 2006,” Hublot CEO Ricardo Quadalupe said when the new watch came out. “For this year’s tournament, we wanted to do something that expresses our belief in a free, diverse, and unified world in a new and memorable way. Football is the world’s game and has a unique power to carry a message of hope to every corner of the Earth, connecting us and showcasing everything that brings us together. Passion, fairness, family.”

The Hublot Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is powered by a state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and the latest version of Google’s Wear OS operating system. Sound impressive? Well, it is. So, expect many other connected watch capabilities (beyond the dedicated World Cup app) that use the watch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, speaker, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, haptic and hear-rate monitoring hardware. Oh, and full access to additional apps via Google Play.

All-day battery life, a two-hour charging time, and Android and iOS compatibility finish up the technical highlights of this device.

Are You Watching?

I can practically hear you saying, “Wait a minute, we’re talking about a watch, not a laptop computer, right?” Don’t worry. The new timepiece presents as a familiar, sophisticated take on the mechanical Big Bang, not a gadget.

The 44mm black ceramic and titanium case is micro-blasted and polished to gleaming horological standards. Plus, owners can choose digital dial designs and variations of the burly grooved rubber strap that match the flags and colors of each of the 32 participating countries. Moreover, despite its high-tech heart, the commemorative watch is water resistant to 3 ATM (about 100 feet).

The official version, featured here, sports a handsome burgundy dial and black-and-burgundy lined strap to honor the World Cup 2022 host country of Qatar. And, fun fact, those with sharp eyes will spot the Hublot Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 watch on the wrists of the 129 referees timing the matches.

Pricing & Availability

The Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is limited to only 1,000 pieces and available at Hublot retailers, boutiques, and on the Hublot website for $5,800 (vuvuzela definitely not included).

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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