Video Interview: Xavier Dietlin, Creator Of The Raptor

Video: Talking Shop With Xavier Dietlin, The King Of The Watch Display

Watchonista sits down with Xavier Dietlin from Dietlin Swiss Showcases to discuss the importance of moving with the times.

By Watchonista

Xavier Dietlin may not be a household name to watch enthusiasts, yet his company, Dietlin Swiss Showcases has been creating showcases for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Dieltin’s rebellious creativity is slowly changing the way we interact with timepieces in boutiques across the globe, and he is not afraid to say what he thinks.

Video Interview: Xavier Dietlin

Our Sophie Furley recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dietlin at his Lausanne workshop. We had to know what makes Dietlin’s showcases so unique and what’s next for the world of showcases. Enjoy the video!

(Video by Léon Orlandi)

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