Akrivia AK-06

Exclusive Video: The AK-06 – A Synthesis Of Akrivia’s Philosophy

Each of the most famous independent watchmaker has his trademarks that can be identified in their creations and immediately recognized. It did not take long for Akrivia to be admitted as part of that very limited circle. The AK-06 synthesizes why!

By Benjamin Teisseire

Launched in 2017, the AK-06 was the first timepiece by Akrivia not to boast a tourbillon. It met with instant success nonetheless because it summarized the watchmaking vision of the gifted watchmaker behind it. Rexhep Rexhepi explains why in the following video.

Watchonista's Exclusive Video

Recognizable structure

Even though the young watchmaker has had a training imbued with horological tradition, he retains his own, very modern vision. He created a very specific case for his first model. Angular and unique, it is immediately identifiable. Always a good way to stand out. But Rexhep pushed his idea further. Flip the timepiece around and the view through the sapphire case-back offers yet another characteristic of Akrivia: the flagrant symmetry of the caliber. It has also become a signature for the young master.

Likewise, all his first models offered the same dial structure regarding the elements that composed it. The prominent complication is offered center stage by highlighting it at 12 o’clock. The column wheel was visible on the AK-01 Monopusher Chronograph, the striking hammers on the AK-03 Tourbillon Chiming Jump-Hour and now the power reserve mechanism on the AK-06.

Apparent simplicity and emotions

The AK-06’s open-worked dial displays all the components of this useful indication. The innovative architecture shows the symmetrical racks counter-balancing each other to minimize energy loss and optimize the commanding 100 hours of power reserve delivered by a single barrel. The happy owner can also enjoy the horological pleasure of seeing the wheels turn as he instills life into his precious timekeeper when manually winding it up. The stop second and reset mechanism can also fully be admired at 6 o’clock when setting the time with an optimal precision.

Apparently simple, yet deeply emotional and beautiful. Akrivia’s philosophy on the essence of what fine watchmaking should be.

Excellence of finishing

The model also showcases all of Akrivia’s craftmanship. From the beveled bridges and plates, mirror polished components, micro-hammered dial to the gorgeous symmetry of the caliber, every detail screams fine watchmaking. Take a loupe and the emotion multiplies manifold. The handmade Geneva stripes speak for themselves. Precision is also embodied in the level of finishing Akrivia delivers.

The AK-06 does not need a tourbillon to impress. This modern interpretation of traditional watchmaking is stellar as it is. A true condensate of the Atelier Akrivia’s philosophy.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel & Akrivia)

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