Video: SIHH 2019 Best Of Show - François-Xavier Overstake

Video: SIHH 2019 Best Of Show - François-Xavier Overstake

Historical PuristSPro moderator and editor of French blog Equation du Temps, François-Xavier Overstake knows his watches. Most importantly, he knows how to explain a watch in a good way as he’s also a collector. Giving a personal opinion and not trying to issue an objective point of view, Overstake’s singular analysis is sought after by many.

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

If you don’t read him every day, a lot of you probably follow François-Xavier Overstake on Instagram (@equationdutemps) with his recurrent wrist shots all paired with striped shirts... better than any copyright or watermark.

Overstake has a solid taste and is always exploring in-person new watches before issuing his first opinion. With that rigorous approach, he has a structured and personal analysis where other commentator’s views don't match.

The best proof of François-Xavier integrity in approaching any watch with interest consists of the exceptional variety of watches he collects, from contemporary projects to the best in classical watchmaking. Let’s discover what Overstake retains from SIHH 2019.

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