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Baselworld 2016: Mario Peserico, Managing Director of Eberhard & Co

Created by George Eberhard in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887, the Manufacture revolutionized mechanical chronograph display in 2001 with the introduction of its Chrono 4 and its 4 aligned counters. In 2016, the brand continues to innovate.

By Joel Grandjean

In late 2015, somewhere in the Saint-Gall canton, Christa Rigozzi, the most media-friendly Miss Switzerland over the last few years, introduced the flagship models of the Swiss watchmaking brand whose historical wealth rivals with the market's current creativity.

The diving watch Scafograf is back

Eberhard & Co is a watchmaking brand co-managed by Barbara Monti and Mario Peserico, CEO and Managing Director respectively. Just before its 130th anniversary, the brand introduced at Baselworld a revisited version of a flagship model from the 1950s, the Scafograf. Equipped with a 43-mm self-winding caliber, the mechanical diving watch is water resistant to 300 meters. As any subaquatic time-measuring instrument worthy of its name, it features a unidirectional turning bezel.

Mario Peserico Mario Peserico, Eberhard General Manager

Cut in ceramic, the bezel accentuates the luminescent markings on the first 15 minutes of the scale. It has domed sapphire glass and a helium escape valve at 9 o'clock.

Here's a rerun of our meeting with the Managing Director of an independent brand which is both linked to Italian automobiles and to the most authentic Swiss watchmaking traditions.

Mario Peserico, what times are you experiencing?

The time we are living in is unfortunately a time of great worries, due to the evil events provoked by international terrorism. We are all affected by a heavy feeling of anxiety that overshadows all other considerations.

Eberhard Scafograph 300 Eberhard Scafograph 300

Which of the watches in your collection has been most prominent in your recent communication?

Chrono 4 is for Eberhard the emblem of the third millenium, it is unique and cannot be compared to any other chronograph. It is the model that gave the greatest contribution in consolidating Eberhard’s international brand awareness.

What "watchmaking technology" have you discovered recently that you will never forget and that you would like to share?

The latest evolutions of design software allow to develop an almost perfect product, both on the 2D technical plan and afterwards with the 3D modelling. The result is accurate in its proportions, tolerance and volumes. This is a great advantage that allows to save time and costs in the production of a prototype. The system permits to reach the development of a physical sample that can be tested on the wrist, a fundamental step for the evaluation of wearability, user comfort and accuracy.

Eberhard Chrono 4 Grande Taille Eberhard Chrono 4 Grande Taille

What will be your most important pieces in 2016?

Scafograf 300 is the main novelties for Baselworld 2016, but we also presented a new look for our Extra-fort line, the most ancient of the Eberhard collections and still very young at the same time.

What element would you like to pass on to horological history and to posterity?

Our new Scafograf 300 is a heritage timepiece, since it is the direct heir of a collection that was born in the 1950’s. We periodically revisit one of our historical collections, because we like the idea to make tribute to our past.

I would like this success story to go on also in the future, consolidating the image of Eberhard as a technical brand that may offer outstanding sports models.

Eberhard Extra-fort Grande Taille Eberhard Extra-fort Grande Taille

What watch did you wear during Baselworld 2016?

I have been wearing the Tazio Nuvolari Vanderbilt Cup, a watch that never ceases to surprise me for its elegance and technical content.

Besides Baselworld, what other high points will you experience this year?

We are very proud to have been chosen for the production of the Targa Florio’s 100th edition celebration watch. The Targa Florio is the most ancient competition in the world, Eberhard Champion V will be the symbol of this longevity, on the wrist of all the 2016 participants.

Eberhard Chrono 4 Grande Taille Eberhard Champion V Targa Florio

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