MB&F HM5 and Lamborghini Miura
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MB&F HM5 meets Lamborghini Miura SV at Pebble Beach

Watchonista seizes the opportunity of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to organize a meeting between the MB&F HM5 and one of the main sources of inspiration for its design, the legendary Lamborghini Miura SV. «Get ready to start your engines! »

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

Revealed in 2012, the MB&F HM5 «On the Road Again» was inspired from the powerful visual identity of the 70s, a time at which the industrial design approach changed forever. In fact, for the first time history, technological evolutions guided the style and shape of objects.

MB&F HM5 & Lamborghini Miura The MB&F HM5 "On the road again" on the mythic Lamborghini Miura

From injection-moulded plastic furniture, passing through the general evolution of materials and construction methods, it is first through architecture and design that this aesthetic revolution based on technology started in the early 60s.

On one hand, firms like DuPont or BASF developed materials which were revolutionary for the time; on the other hand, the evolution of engineering techniques and materials’ resistance enabled the implementation of new shapes and volumes.

The Lamborghini Miura at Pebble Beach The Lamborghini Miura at Pebble Beach

«HM5» three letters inspired from the seventies’ legends

It is in this innovative and constantly challenging atmosphere that Maximilian Büsser grew up. He then ambitioned to be an automobile designer. Forty years later, after having explored the science-fiction universe with its previous «machines», MB&F proposes a cross-reading of that epoch’s influences and the HM5 «On the Road Again». Indeed, the conception and production methods of this watch cannot be more contemporary. However, its design was resolutely inspired from the revolution engendered by the advent of the quartz in watchmaking as well as the supercars, which were created at the same epoch.

MB&F HM5 & Lamborghini Miura The MB&F HM5 on the Lamborghini Miura's dashboard

On watchmaking sources’ part, the Amida Digitrend of 1972 can particularly  be mentioned with its slender case and its vertical digital display, the whole animated by a mechanical movement. There is also the Girard Perregaux Casquette with its digital red LED display, a piece for museums now.

For the inspirations stemming from the automobile, one can cite the Lotus Esprit of James Bond in «For Your Eyes Only». Above all, it is the Lamborghini Miura that seems to have passed its aesthetics on to this watch. From the back shutters protecting the motor from light and heat to the exhaust pipe, the fairing of the MB&F HM5 unequivocally reminds the rump of the Sant’Agata supercar.

MB&F HM5 & Lamborghini Miura A wristshot of the MB&F HM5

«MIURA» five letters that have become a legend

Named after a famous Spanish bull bred, the Lamborghini Miura was first shown to the public at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. The revolutionary flamboyant lines of the Bertone bodywork and innovative rear mid mounted engine and clam-shell opening front and rear hoods created a stir among the public. The car was soon to become the first «supercar» in automotive history and following a successful demand, it remained into production until 1973, when the last car rolled out from the factory and was soon replaced by its successor, the Countach.

MB&F HM5 & Lamborghini Miura The HM5 was inspired from the 70's designs

The Miura is a concentrate of strength and power and is today considered as one of the most beautiful cars in history, thus being highly sought after among collectors worldwide who want to own this fantastic piece of automotive history.

The pictures of this article have been made by Otis Blank with the complicity of the Watch Anish team whose article can be accessed through this link. A big thank you to the MB&F team as well as to the happy owner of this incredible Lamborghini Miura SV for having allowed Watchonista to match make between two mythical epochs.

MB&F HM5 & Lamborghini Miura "On the road again" with the MB&F HM5 on the wrist

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