Video: The Origins Of The Omega Seamaster – Part 2 – The Early References

Video: The Origins Of The Omega Seamaster – Part 2 – The Early References

In 1948, Omega celebrated their 100-year anniversary and launched an innovative collection, the Seamaster. By integrating all the technical advances acquired as a supplier of allied forces in a watch combining strength and elegance, Omega defined new standards of the modern professional watch.

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

In the aftermath of World War II, Omega launched a true watch family like none other. Available in certified or non-certified chronometer versions, in gold or steel, the Seamaster collection offered the public the qualities of professional watches previously only reserved for military use.

The 1948 Seamaster: a new watch family

Upon release, the Omega Seamaster was available in two versions. The first variant came with a central second (available in gold or steel) on a metal or leather strap. The second variant was with a small second at 6 o'clock and also in several executions.

In addition to this diversity of materials and dials, the models of the Seamaster collection offered the unusual choice to opt or not for an official chronometer certification, a guarantee of reliability and quality. From the steel-on-leather model to the gold chronometer on a gold bracelet, the Seamaster "family" offers for the first time such a wide range of commercial offerings.

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The Origins Of The Omega Seamaster – Part 2 – The Early References