A Shared Attention to (Auto) Details, Part 2
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A Shared Attention to (Auto) Details, Part 2

Once again, Watchonista uncovers the small automotive design details that are guaranteed to surprise and delight watch lovers with a keen eye for design.

By Nate Chapnick

Watch enthusiasts revel in the intricacies of beautiful objects, and so does Watchonista. Therefore, leaning into the idea of “the devil is in the details,” we wanted to highlight some more of those brilliant automotive design elements that are often overlooked by mainstream gearhead publications.

After all, these hidden gems, the obsessions of canny automotive designers and engineers everywhere, deserve recognition.

The Genesis G90: Easy Close Door Function

Is the constant effort of manually opening and closing doors interrupting your driving flow and becoming an annoyance? If so, then you’ll love the new Genesis G90’s available Easy Close Door function.

You need only press the button on the center console to electronically close and open the doors, and voilà! You can even remotely close the doors from the key fob while walking away from the parked vehicle. The Genesis G90 sedan starts at $89,200.

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV: Engraved Pedals

While many Mercedes-Maybach owners may prefer to be chauffeured, the ones who get behind the wheel will appreciate what are perhaps the most ornate foot pedals available on any car today.

The knurled aluminum pedals inside the new all-electric $181,050 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, which starts at $179,900, are engraved with the Maybach logo and feature a rubber surround for added traction.

The DS Automobiles DS7: An Analog Dash Clock

Little-known French luxury car manufacturer DS Automobiles still remains the proverbial “forbidden fruit” for U.S. customers. However, its commendable continental design take deserves a “hats off.”

The DS7 SUV, a plug-in hybrid starting at €44,700, stands out for featuring one of the last remaining analog clocks in today’s production vehicles. Made in partnership with B.R.M Chronographes, the B.R.M R180 integrated into the DS7’s dash notably features a distinctive rotating design that comes into view when the engine start button is pressed.

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: Aviation-inspired Controls

Alfa Romeo’s U.S. resurgence continues apace with the introduction of the stunning 33 Stradale, a 750 horsepower, limited series supercar that puts Alfa’s Italian heritage on full display (and goes for an exclusively whopping price of over $2.8 million).

Among the 33 Stradale’s numerous mouthwatering design details are the aviation-inspired aluminum controls that look like they are lifted right out of the cockpit of a fighter jet.

The Range Rover Sport SV Edition One: The Body and Soul Seat System

The new Range Rover Sport SV, starting at about $145,000, features a truly soul-stirring audio experience. Using four transducers built into the seats, the optional Body and Soul system literally allows you to feel the music through your body, and the sensation is remarkable, even if you are not an audiophile.

Six pre-programmed wellness tracks, ranging from calming to invigorating, were developed with Coventry University for the SUV to reduce anxiety, improve cognitive response, and enhance mental well-being. The result is an experience that will put any massaging seat to shame, not to mention an audio experience that no other vehicle can match with your preferred musical soundtrack.

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