A Dinner Among Friends, Part 4: The Smoke

A Dinner Among Friends, Part 4: The Smoke

The ultimate ending to a fine meal is, of course, a nice languid cigar to enjoy. In this final installment of The Lounge by Watchonista’s four-part video series, we end things with a bang. Sit back, relax, and light up this fitting finale.

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

The Guest List

• “The Catador” – Andrew Luff, Watchonista CEO

• “The Mixologist” – Carson Chan, Independent watch critic & collector

• “The Chef de Cuisine” – Marco Gabella, Watchonista Chairman & Executive Publisher

• “The Sommelier” – Arthur Leclerc, Singapore Director of Baghera/wines

The Scene

For “The Smoke,” Andrew Luff, watch collector, long-time cigar smoker, and Watchonista CEO, wraps up the dinner with panache by finding the perfect cigar to match the after-dinner wine that lasts as long as our lively discussion.

Andrew Luff and I have shared many an evening smoking cigars after impassioned debates, and I thought he would be the perfect candidate to select the best after-dinner cigar for our gathering. And I was right because he chose a Cuban cigar that is not the easiest to get your hands on: the Trinidad Fundadores.

Measuring 7 ½” by 40 gauge, these renowned cigars, called Laguito Especial, were among Fidel Castro’s favorites. So much so that for decades he gave them out as diplomatic gifts and were the official cigar of Cuban embassies.

A calm and relaxing smoke with a dynamic flavor progression and a pleasant herbal or floral aroma, the Trinidad Fundadores were the perfect way to end the evening.

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(Photography by Pierre Vogel. Video by Johan Corminboeuf)

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