Richard Mille

A day with a Richard Mille…contemplating

Rare are the Richard Mille models that are affordable.  However, the barrel design, easily identifiable, has over the years marked the mind and the watchmaking industry.

By Eléonor Picciotto

Even though most Richard Mille references are a limited edition of something, they all start with RM and are followed by numbers we barely remember if not never.

RM 07-01 is the one to remember

For once, sports cars and cigars pilfered ...  Understanding the high demand of women for feminine pieces, Richard Mille himself let the aesthetics serve the technique just for the sake of a woman and launched the ladies’ automatic. Largely inspired from the iconic barrel design, the RM 07-01 is the evolution of the original masculine piece. Lightened and narrowed, keeping the length of the case, the entire watch remains vigorous with the gold/rubber combination. A woman with a  Mille on her wrist either has a husband fond and fine connoisseur of high-end and technical watches or she works in the watch industry. Either or, it is a trap for alpha males full of testosterone.

Woman vs. Wild…

There is nothing more pleasurable than sitting on a terrace, alone, reading the paper under the first Spring sunrays. Up until your neighbors – and they should remain neighbors meaning: minding their own business and keep their conversation private – start bragging outloud on a matter they shouldn’t step their foot in. «Not sure if I prefer the girl or the watch» says Alpha Male #1.

Richard Mille Richard Mille RM 07-01

«I sure do,» giggled Alpha Male #2, «but I wonder if she bothered asking Daddy or Hubby what sort of watch it was only after giving a big thank you hug for the gift.» «Either or,» ends Alpha Male #3, «both are two expensive for you guys

After pretending not to listen, I turned my head towards them and started, «The piece I am wearing is just the woman’s version of the male’s barrel shape watch named RM 07-01 with diamonds set on the dial, a skeletonised automatic movement with hours and minutes indicated with golden hands on diamond indexes. The oversized date is so readable that I don’t need to remove my shades and thanks to the new patented construction of the crown it is super easy to pull it out and set the time without choping off the polish of my manucured nails. No need to worry about outside polution getting inside the watch – it is now highly secured!»

I blinked with my left eye, and ended, «In case you needed some advice to get a new watch, take my card. Are you fraternity brothers for wearing the same one?»

I slowly removed my shades before sipping my raspberry smoothie. Then, staring at their wide open eyes, I paused for a second and asked: «What did you expect?».

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