fiona kruger

A Day with Fiona Kruger’s skull

It’s rock, it’s cool, it changes and it’s feminine… yet, it’s a skull. Fiona Kruger, a petite blonde from Scotland who made a watch you wouldn’t expect to see on her wrist, yet, she wears it with perfection. And so will we.

By Eléonor Picciotto

No, I am not rebelling against my parents. No I am not pretending to be Jack Sparrow’s wife. And no, I am not a bad girl… ok maybe sometimes, but it depends for who and on what grounds, though wearing a skull watch doesn’t mean what it seems.

The Skull Evolution

From morbid to fashion, the image of the skull evolved throughout the years. Fashion brands are using it everywhere, McQueen made it his scarf signature, jewelry houses are paving it with stones and what used to be a poison is now set with diamonds. Fiona Kruger used this now so-common skull and redesigned it her way. She probably had the breach of a rebel inside her and used it to become a trendsetter. Kruger took her inspiration from the modern timepieces’ skeleton movements combined to the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots in addition to the famous Mexican celebration of the day of the deads (Dia de Los Muertos).

Fiona Kruger

It resulted into SKULL a 12 pieces limited edition in black where the layers of the dial form the design of a skull mirroring the skeleted components of the movement.

Rebel with a cause!

Designed by Fiona, crafted by artisans and made for me. With custom black bridges, a mechanical movement with manual winding and a 5 days power reserve all made in Switzerland, the 57.4 x 41.3 mm skull shaped timepiece is made of stainless steel with black PVD treatment. Lashes, delicate features, flowers, a perlage and some superluminova decor let believe that not only the skull is living but belongs to a woman. No wonder that her Fine Arts background allowed her to approach the mortality theme with such a poetic approach.

Fiona Kruger

Yet, the entire case of the watch is following the lines of a skull, that’s what I like. If I were to go the opera it would be in a satin gown on high heels wearing for sure a Fiona black skull on wrist and then I’d be a rebel with a cause … for once!

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