Power Up: The New G-SHOCK GMWB5000TVB1 Takes Inspiration from Virtual Gaming

Power Up: The New G-SHOCK GMWB5000TVB1 Takes Inspiration from Virtual Gaming

A second full-metal version of the GMWB5000, the TVB1, enters the cyber-arena, ready to augment your virtual – and everyday – battles.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

In its most premium executions, G-SHOCK’s next-generation use of ion-plating (IP) processes certainly bring a new dimension and dynamism to timepiece presentations. And with the brand’s new GMWB5000TVB1, detailed, exacting application of unexpected and high-quality hues, especially metallic colors, blend seamlessly on the age-old canvases of cases and bracelets, opening up new worlds of color possibility.

Let’s take a look!

Into The Metaverse

In this latest GMWB5000TVB1 timepiece, the worlds of gaming, virtual reality, and anime are combined with cutting-edge IP techniques to deliver a futuristic titanium case with an expertly done geometric camouflage pattern. Plus, the new full-metal model features technical, military-style body labeling taken directly from VR “power armor” gaming as well as the classic so-called “guyver” power suit and “mecha” genres of Japanese animation.

G-SHOCK first entered the cyber-inspired arena last year with the GMWB5000TVA1, which kicked off the brand’s Full Metal Virtual Armor line.

But this new full-metal titanium execution powers up the appeal with striking brown and dark gray IP-applied colors with razor-sharp lines across multiple watch components, as well as minute jet fighter-style labelling of those components (including each bracelet link from -01 on).

Additionally, the titanium base metal is treated with a titanium carbide coating to enhance scratch resistance (plus, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal sits atop the familiar GMBW5000 digital dial). Moreover, the unique camo colors require a seven-step layering, masking, and engraving process to execute properly. Meanwhile, the tiny part-labelings are laser-engraved. So, this timepiece doesn’t just look technical; it is literally born from technology.

Tech-Packed & Tough

The new GMWB5000TVB1 also aligns closely to tried-and-true G-SHOCK features like 200-meter water resistance and the brand’s signature shock resistance (the resin cushioning of which can be seen via windows on the sloping connection of the bracelet to the case). It also features multiple alarm settings, stopwatch, countdown timer, calendar, and world time functions too.

Finally, the GMWB5000TVB1 also folds in G-SHOCK’s proprietary Tough Solar Technology via a thin solar panel on the dial that draws power from even the weakest light sources.

Sorry, no nuclear power-core for this armor. At least, not yet. But expect signature Bluetooth, smartphone linking, and G-SHOCK CONNECTED app capabilities as you endeavor to save your own galaxy.

Final Thoughts

As you have probably figured out by now, I just can’t get over how perfectly the VR power armor design approach falls in line with the spirit of this timepiece. Indeed, even the familiar GMBW5000 Super Illuminator LED backlit dial even takes on the appearance of a projected heads-up tactical status display in this execution.

In short: The GMWB5000TVB1 is the ultimate timepiece for the hero inside the armor, and the hero inside you.

Pricing & Availability

The GMWB5000TVB1 retails for $1,700 and is available as you read this at select G-SHOCK retailers, the brand’s Soho Store, and the G-SHOCK website.

(Images © G-SHOCK)

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