A Closer Look At The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Collection

A Closer Look At The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Collection

Hamilton’s iconic three-sided case gets an update worthy of the King.

By Josh Shanks

Hamilton’s Ventura collection needs no introduction, but we will give it a go. Since 1957, when the brand introduced the world's first electric watch, the triangular timepiece has captivated collectors young and old. And given the original Ventura's revolutionary technology, it is only fitting that one of its most famous former owners, Mr. Elvis Presley, used to hit the stage with the equally iconic and dramatic Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey).

As the story has it, Presley purchased his Ventura in 1965 and wore it on the set of Blue Hawaii and beyond. Presley’s Ventura was fitted with an aftermarket stainless steel bracelet and remained in the Graceland estate collection until 1999 when Hamilton purchased the watch.

For years, the Hamilton Ventura has been associated with Elvis Presley and a variety of Hollywood stars, including Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone fame and even Men in Black stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. But it is safe to say the Ventura's most iconic owner was Presley. The King was known for owning multiple watches during his time on this planet, and two of his most recognizable pieces were the Rolex King Midas and the Hamilton Ventura.

The Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton Collection

For its newest Ventura, Hamilton has opted to unplug from the electronics and fitted the new Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton collection with the brand’s H-10-S automatic movement. These new Ventura models feel right at home in 2021 as they would’ve at Presley’s 1968 comeback special. Imagine the King dressed from head to toe in a leather jumpsuit; the Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton would be right at home.

Available in two versions, black PVD or rose gold PVD. Each features a skeletonized dial that allows the wearer to peer deeply into the soul of the timepiece, its mechanical movement. And, of course, in a nod to the original Venturas, both models feature the electric pulse insignia zigzagging across the center of the skeletonized dial.

The two Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton models are sized at 42.5 x 44.60mm with a thickness of 12.33mm. The lug width is 21.22mm, which is indeed a peculiar size. But the watches each come with a custom black rubber strap and matching buckle as they may be a bit troublesome to fit with an aftermarket strap as Presley did.

Fun Fact: Before Presley began his career as a musician, he trained to become an electrician. Of course, his musical ambitions got the best of him, and the rest was history. But, perhaps, it was Presley's love of electronics that drew him to the Ventura in the first place.

I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line. Elvis Presley

Pricing and Availability

The two Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton models cost a respectable $1,795 and are available from your nearest Hamilton retailer and the brand’s official website.


(Images © Hamilton Watches)

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