The Alpina Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic GMT

Playing to Strength: Diving into Alpina’s Latest Extremes

In the post-Geneva glow, one could make the observation: “Man, there were a lot of dive watches this year.” While creating more universally popular watch types can smack of an industry attempting to manifest solid sales figures in unpredictable times, Alpina’s updates to its Extreme line seem perfectly natural.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Given the decidedly adventure-forward vibe that watchmaker Alpina has chiseled out for its Alpiner Extreme watches (both in three-hand and regulator form), it wasn’t a complete surprise that the brand recently debuted a line of new dive watches to take the action under the waves (and ditto on a more-accessible, gender-neutral quartz-powered Alpiner execution).

Both the new Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic and Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic GMT models present rock-solid undersea executions of the signature circular-bezel-on-cushion plinth case design that has served Extreme fans so well on land.

Deep Dive

While Alpina has been making its Seastrong line of dive watches with a more traditional circular case as recently as 2020, the signature cushion shape of the Extreme case has found a welcome new home on the new 39 x 40.5mm steel-encased Seastrong models. (The circular-cased Seastrong models are still available in the Heritage collection).

All water resistant to 300 meters (that’s almost 1,000 feet), with ceramic bi-directional bezels, the three new Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatics and two new GMT-equipped models offer divers a bevy of potent, handsome new tool watches, even if your idea of diving mostly involves a resort pool.

Color of Water

Of the three Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic models, the version with the classic anthracite dark gray dial and integrated steel bracelet carries over the most design DNA from the existing Alpiner Extreme watch line by offering a burly, fully capable dive watch with some extra steely glimmer for socializing on deck.

The other pair of Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatics present a more tactical, sporty option, as they come fitted with color-matched, textured rubber straps in either orange (which picks up the bold orange flange of the textured black dial) or navy blue (echoing this version’s deep blue, almost black-looking dial).

All three sport a date window at 6 o’clock and are powered by a 38-hour-power-reserve AL-525 automatic movement. The steel bracelet execution lists for $2,495, while the orange and blue rubber strap versions are priced at $2,295.

The Traveling Diver

Including a GMT function on a dive watch seems to be something of a mini-trend these days. But that’s for a good reason: Many recreational divers travel far and wide to pursue their aquatic passions, so having a GMT function to help them keep track of what time it is back home makes sense.

The two new Alpina Seastrong Diver Extreme Automatic GMT models, which both have the tell-tale steel 39 x 40.5mm Extreme case, are offered in two dial colorways: a highly legible silvered dial with black bezel and black textured rubber strap or a glossy all-black dial that also sports a black bezel and black textured rubber strap.

The black-white pivot joins the red-arrowed GMT hand to add a bit more urban sophistication to this pair. Finally, a robust AL-560 calibre automatic movement powers this duet, which retail for $2,695 each.

Extreme for the People

In addition to taking the plunge into revived dive watches with an Extreme flavor, Alpina also released four new executions of the popular steel Alpiner Extreme three-hand watch.

However, these new Alpiner Extreme models sport quartz movements (which means they are more accessibly priced), feature a more gender-neutral 34 x 35.54mm size, and come in a variety of muted, lifestyle-friendly colorways to bring the appeal of Alpina’s most adventurous timepiece to more wrists.

Rock beige, sparkling pink, and glacier blue dials give some pop to the signature Extreme look with integrated steel bracelets. Meanwhile, a leaf green version comes on a color-matched rubber strap.

All of the new Alpiner Extreme Quartz watches retail for $1,295. You can find out more at Alpina’s website.

(Images © Alpina)

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