Visconti - watches & reviews

Visconti has been for the last 25 years synonymous of fi ne writing instruments of extraordinary preciousness in history and technology. The company has been run since its beginnings by Dante Del Vecchio, true ‘deus ex machina’ of the creative dynamism that pervades all Visconti creations. It is the love for culture, the passion for the innovation, the development of ever more intricate systems that have turned Visconti pens into a desired and unmistakable status symbol - unwavering, exclusive, conceptual.

The last few years have seen the company to expand more and more in the world and capitalize the brand name into new products. The 25 anniversary of Visconti, in 2013, has marked a great achievement with the acquisition of human resources, knowhow and machines from the Florentine tradition in watch making and the start of a new luxury time pieces collection. In the same villa where the company was founded a new department is now dedicated to high end watch making with the same creativity and innovation.

The Visconti designer team of pens and watches are supported from the same great manufacturing expertise that make Visconti synonymous of Luxury Made in Florence.