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Trilobe invites you to embrace difference and to adopt a new frame of reference. A combination of architecture, design, and poetry, Trilobe is a watchmaker that sets time in motion. Three rotating rings are set in motion, each bearing a gradation of time: the largest ring for the hours, the middle one for the minutes, and the smallest for the seconds. Eccentric and mobile, they turn counterclockwise. The three trilobes, a universal and timeless architectural shape, echo the three pillars of time - Hours, Minutes and Seconds - and become the new time indicator. With its eccentric dynamics, innovation, and expertise place themselves at the service of the dial’s poetry. Our innovation compendium translates into the development of our X-Centric calibre, with the task of combining the technical challenge with an ‘‘artistically offbeat’’ approach, while perpetuating Swiss watchmaking excellence. Thus, another vision of time is born: hands less, but with a sprinkle of magic!