Speake-Marin One&Two OPENWORKED Dual Time

Press Release – SIHH 2019

Speake-Marin One&Two OPENWORKED Dual Time

After the success of the “One&Two” Openworked launched two years ago, which marked a new aesthetic trend for the brand, Speake-Marin now completes its Openworked collection with a new complication: Dual Time indication, retrograde date.

Since 2015, Speake-Marin has initiated a movement strategy to fully develop and assemble proprietary movements within its atelier in the Neuchatel area, Switzerland. This new strategy gave birth to the “SMA” collection, which includes Openworked, closed dials and Haute Horlogerie movements. Firstly, Speake-Marin focused its efforts on Haute Horlogerie 3 Hz movements (Minute Repeater and Double Tourbillon). Then, Speake-Marin developed Hour Minutes Seconds 4Hz movements, which were featured in the new One&Two design as an Openworked movement named SMA01. This movement is particular due to the small seconds counter being positioned at 1:30 and its integrated micro-rotor. The new SMA02 Calibre is part of the SMA movement family and follows the Openworked collection approach with the small seconds at 1:30. The small seconds at 1:30 meets the Speake-Marin objective to break-away from the watchmaking codes: Speake-Marin is the only watchmaker who positions the small seconds there. It is actually a real constraint in terms of movement development since the small seconds at 1:30 have to go through the time setting module.

The new movement featured in One&Two Openworked Dual Time is therefore the SMA02 Calibre: an Openworked movement, which integrates a Dual Time indication and a retrograde date. It keeps the visual balance between the barrel, the oscillating mass and the small seconds at 1:30. It creates a triangulation which plays with the “3” figure, as it is the case on the other Openworked models.

For this new design, Speake-Marin wanted to propose a complication for travellers, who want to know at first glance their “home” time versus the “local” time. This new model is therefore the first Speake-Marin travel watch, which targets those who are looking for the perfect watch to travel, and which will complete their travel attire, such as passport, noise-cancelling headphones, computer or notebook…

The Dual Time complication has been the “de facto” travel watch ever since it was conceived in the mid-’50s for Pan America pilots crossing several time zones at once. By allowing the wearer to monitor two separate time zones at once (“local” time and “home” time), the Dual Time watch frees its wearer from the “gruelling” mental maths required when keeping tabs on whatever is going on in your home time zone. Here, the “local” time is given by the central Hours Minutes Seconds indication, while the “home” time can be easily seen on the second dial at 9 o’clock.

This movement is nestled in a new version of the Piccadilly, an evolution of the iconic case of Speake-Marin. The new case is more technical than the original allowing the straps to be integrated closer in the case, moving the crown further into the case so as to soften its aesthetics whilst maintaining its original DNA. The bezel and the case back slightly overlap the central case section altering the overall “look” of the watch whilst maintaining the iconoclastic feel of Speake-Marin. In addition, the glass traditionally set into the bezel has now been altered to a box form, reducing the overall thickness of the case and accentuating the technical aspect of the watch.

This new aesthetic is very modern and masculine thanks to its colour mix (brown, silver and black) and its sharp angles of the bridges. Both hyper contemporary with the dial and classic with the case, it will please gentlemen travellers who want to affirm their style and individuality with an audacious watch choice that will differentiate them from others.

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