Romain Gauthier - watches & reviews

Founded in 2005, Romain Gauthier is an haute horlogerie Manufacture based in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, led by its passionate eponymous founder. Romain marries the know-how with a no-compromise approach to haute horlogerie to create exceptional timepieces hailed for their eye-catching designs, innovative manufacture movements and extremely high level of hand-finishing.

In search of excellence, Romain has always placed human added values at the center of his creations. Each movement is designed to be hand-crafted, which may require up to a hundred hours of hand-finishing.

Romain's timepieces have made their place in the world of fine Swiss watchmaking, notably by winning the men’s complication award at the “GPHG” in 2013 and the innovation award at the “Talents du Luxe et de la Création” in 2018.

As Romain says: « Le temps nous fixe des limites que la passion n’a pas ».