Ressence Type 1° Round M

Technical specifications


  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Day


  • Self Winding/Automatic
  • Manufactured


  • Round
  • Titanium
  • Polished
  • 11.00mm
  • 42.70mm


  • Sapphire

Water resistance

  • 1.00atm / 10.00m / 30.00ft


  • Pin Buckle
  • Stainless steel


  • Rubber
  • Grey


  • 2023

Official description

After its launch at the beginning of the year, the TYPE 1 Round takes on a refreshing twist this Autumn, expanding the colour territory of Ressence with the polychromatic dial of the TYPE 1° M.

Ressence adds strokes of colour to the canvas of time with this new multicolour addition to the TYPE 1 Round collection, promising to infuse each day with a burst of energy.

Embracing graphic playfulness while maintaining Ressence's signature sleek design, this watch is crafted for the discerning spirit.

The contrasting, yet complementary, red, blue, yellow and green featured on the Hour, Minute, Second and Weekday discs of the TYPE 1° M bring soft essential hues to the light grey dial and elegant multicoloured magic to the watch owner’s wrist.

The gentle primary colours are well paired with the rounded and tactile design of the case, establishing a harmonious connection between form, colour, and material and ultimately elevating the visual experience.