Rémy Solnon
Specialised journalist

Author of the reference works "Lotus Esprit, Le Grand Tourisme à l’anglaise" and “Montres & Automobiles de Prestige / Prestigious Watches & Cars", Rémy Solnon is a former student of the Sorbonne. In addition to writing frequent articles for online publications on his two favourite subjects, he regularly offers Watchonista an exploration of the finer mechanics of watchmaking speak and its connections with the automotive world. Despite the motor or terrain in question, regardless of the chassis or circuit, this loyal purveyor of accurate and incisive watchmaking information illustrates his views and opinions with analysis and research that would slake the thirst of even the thirstiest of collectors. Providing almost single-handed the most compelling content of our journalistic offering, spanning the combined worlds of watches and automobiles, he awakens the mechanical beast that lies dormant in us all.