Panerai PAM507 Submersible New Bronzo

Panerai PAM507 Submersible New Bronzo
New Bronzo PAM507:

• A new Bronzo, great opportunity for all the frustrated of the first one !

• A new Gonzo, oh yeah!

• The watch of shame: 99% identical to the PAM382, the first SL dating only 2 years ago ! Lack of creativity and opportunism, what conclusion should the collectors and Paneristis draw ?

• A power reserve not shocking in the dial.

• The coolest Panerai not inspired by a vintage.

•  Fun dialogue while storing watches with my PAM382 Gonzo on the table:
 -But you have missed a watch,  sir ...!
- Oh no, it's mine. It is true that they look somewhat alike. ☺

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5. For those who want a more civilized watch, the Radiomir 1940 42mm, the PAM512.
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