MB&F + L'Épée's watches & novelties

‘Tom & T-Rex’ is a table clock conceived by MB&F and manufactured by L’Epée. It tells the story of a child struck by illness, Tom, who goes on an adventure with his formidable companion, T-Rex.

The ‘Tom & T-Rex’ table clock is a unique piece created by MB&F and L’Epée 1839.

Children are capable of great imaginative feats, and especially so in the case of those limited by illness or disability. T-Rex offers an escape for elastic minds, carrying its little companion Tom away into fantastical realms with the earth-shaking strides of the mightiest of dinosaurs, under the protection of an all-seeing cyborg eye. Made of hand-blown Murano glass, the “eyeball” also functions as a clock dial, indicating hours and minutes via two curved hands. Tom stares down into a transparent blue marble of the same Murano glass nestled in his cupped hands, perhaps imagining a different world…

T-Rex, with its blend of fantasy and technology, is a metaphor for the factors that sustain the daily existence of a sick child: the flights of imagination that nourish the spirit, and the scientific advancements that will one day effect a long-awaited cure.