Manufacture Royale presents the new 1770 Micromegas Revolution, a timepiece featuring a double flying tourbillon with two different rotation speeds named in tribute to a legendary character imagined by Voltaire.

“Micromegas” (small/large) is the story of the giant Micromégas and a dwarf from the planet Saturn who travel the universe seeking knowledge. Inspired by this character, the 1770

Micromegas Revolution is a groundbreaking timepiece featuring a dial display that is at once revolutionary and captivating, both technically and visually. Two flying tourbillons spin at two different rotation speeds, one at 6 seconds and the other at 60 seconds. An hour hand tracks a subdial while a skeletonized turning disc indicates minutes. Together with an oscillating automatic rotor, these elements all combine to interpret the passing of time in an anthology of revolving indications.

Manufacture Royale initially found inspiration in Voltaire’s story to develop the calibre MR04 that equips the 1770 Micromegas—their first timepiece with a double flying tourbillon rotating at two different speeds. While multiple tourbillons do already exist, it wasn’t until the 1770 Micromegas that the two tourbillon cages each rotated at a different rate. How does it work? The cage on the left side of the dial completes a rotation in only 6 seconds—quite a performance, whereas the cage on the right side of the dial moves 10 times slower, requiring a full minute to complete its rotation. Both cages are connected by a torque stabilizer directly linked to the main power source, the barrel, with no intermediaries for the regulating mechanisms. This combination of two different technical solutions combine to form a single, multi-faceted approach to telling time that Micromégas himself would not have denied—a gigantic innovation!

Building on this concept, the 1770 Micromegas Revolution has a completely new heart that makes it beat: calibre MR08. This exclusive movement reveals a medium-sized rotor on its dial. A notable exception among similar timepieces, its automatic winding system is mounted on ceramic ball bearings and features a power reserve of approximately 40 hours.

A revolutionary horological concept is one thing; making it appealing and beautiful is yet another challenge. The 1770 Micromegas Revolution has a hypnotizing power that will attract contemplative eyes. The two tourbillons will immediately capture and hold your attention while you delight in their de-synchronization. The two revolving and revolutionary cages are supported by delicately chiseled ruthenium bridges, offering a display that enthralls. A rotor oscillates in the upper dial, flanked on the right by a subdial indicating hours, and both elements have a superimposed rotating skeletonized minute disk floating on top of them. Every indication of time is therefore displayed independently. “Revolution” is a perfectly appropriate name for this timepiece, since everything on its dial is revolving: the two cages, the hour hand, the minute disk, and the rotor—a fascinating spectacle!

With the new 1770 Micromegas Revolution, Manufacture Royale pays a vibrant tribute to the beliefs of its founder Voltaire. It explores byways and adopts free, innovative, and emancipated ideas.

Listen to me, Micromégas, what if time was actually plural? –Manufacture Royale