Louis Moinet Sundance, a solar ode for women

Press Release – Baselworld 2018

Louis Moinet Sundance, a solar ode for women

“The sun lights up our day as it lights up the Sundance, our new creation for women. Each of these animated timepieces will feature a unique dial, just as every woman is herself unique.”

Some Louis Moinet creations are guided by technology, others by aesthetics; others again, more usually, by a subtle combination of both. Today, Sundance stands out as a timepiece whose guiding inspiration has been the discovery of new creative horizons. The main feature of this new collection is its dial, once again revealing the ability of Ateliers Louis Moinet to design entire microcosms of unequalled wealth and diversity – and encapsulate them beneath a sapphire crystal.

Even though this collection comprises 60 watches, each dial is entirely unique. To achieve this deliberate aim, a wholly unprecedented manufacturing method has been devised, the precise details of which remain shrouded in characteristic Louis Moinet mystery. Every single dial’s brilliant, intense, many-hued base is unique, because no two colour doses are alike. The one master craftsman authorised to produce the mix and installation arranges his composition by hand, producing a different effect each time. In addition, a powder composed of microscopic particles – literally the stuff of dreams – twinkles in the light: hundreds of stars illuminating an infinite, opalescent galaxy.

The Sundance dials are thus redolent with many-hued variations, evocative of the infinite expanse of the Milky Way. Each of these exceptionally-coloured dials will feature two “Dewdrop” hands gliding over it, together with an openwork sun at the centre of this miniature galaxy. Queen of the solar system, this star dances elegantly, marking off the seconds. Like its real-world counterpart, it too gives off a warmth and energy all its own – that of resplendent beauty.

The Sundance case is very much the equal of the dial, being both creative and original. It is based on the open-style architecture of the “Neo” case, devised by Louis Moinet to house all of its most recent creations. Sundance uses its structure whilst innovating at the same time. Its main compartment encloses the watch’s automatic mechanism with a decidedly avant-garde material: translucent, blue-coloured neoralithe. The case is delicately inserted between two slim, graceful, openwork gold bridges that span the assembly and secure the alligator strap at either end. Louis Moinet has used the space between these bridges to engrave a series of original motifs on the case itself. These are a faithful reproduction of historical architectural drawings engraved in stone in Bourges (France), as observed by Professor Louis Moinet as he went to the School of Fine Arts, at the turn of the nineteenth century. Ateliers Louis Moinet have reproduced them on the Sundance case, protecting them with the same translucent blue composite used on the four case lugs, each resembling an aerial view of the Earth.

Sundance will be available with jewel settings on the dial (twelve diamonds, one on each hour marker) and bezel, as well as with three concentric rows of diamonds opening towards the outside of the bezel.