Le Rhöne - watches & reviews

Founded in 2013, Le Rhöne’s name is a genuine tribute to Le Rhône River, specifically to the origins of watchmaking, where cabinotiers alongside the shores were using the driving force of water to carry out their craftsmanship. The umlaut stands for the link between each artisan work rhythm, enhancing the human connection, summed up in two words: “Human Tempö”.

Above all, Le Rhöne believes in authenticity, becoming the first watchmaker to offer 100% traceable timepieces, fully manufactured in Switzerland. The Geneva-based Maison offers exclusive and bespoke timepieces mixing subtle and bold lines in a retro-avant-garde silhouette.

Each caliber is developed with ease of use in mind, for an elegant yet functional watchmaking. Each complication is the result of Swiss artisan’s dedication.