HYT Hastroid Green Nebula

Technical specifications


  • Retrograde hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Power Reserve


  • Manual Winding
  • Manufactured
  • Swiss Made


  • Cushion
  • Carbon & Titanium
  • 17.20mm
  • 48.00mm


  • Sapphire

Water resistance

  • 5.00atm / 50.00m / 165.00ft


  • Pin Buckle
  • Titanium


  • Rubber
  • Green


  • 2022

Official description

"A long, long time ago, in a far, faraway galaxy... people were able to imagine, create and shape objects that could represent the measure of the passage of time. These people were called watchmakers. Having reached the quintessence of their art, and at the intersection of ground- breaking technology, they created meca-fluidic timepieces, known throughout the galaxy as HYT Watches. Launched in January 2022, Hastroid was the forerunner to the new fleet of HYT watches, on their way to explore new dimensions..."

Intergalactic travellers may perhaps come across this tract in a few thousand years’ time and the message it will send out to lovers of the ancient art of watchmaking, which has developed uninterruptedly since the Middle Ages.

Beyond appearances, the HYT Hastroid watch was not born within the confine of the real or known worlds. Its origins lie on Planet Earth. In the heart of the mountains of Switzerland, it was imagined, conceived and developed in line with professional standards.

As an art as traditional as it is ground-breaking, from the earliest times, instruments for measuring time have been the product of human genius, supported by science and formal creativity and design. The fluidic time indicator is inspired by the clepsydra, a primitive type of clock from Ancient Egypt, whose innovative principle was to allow water to flow from one jar to another to measure the passage and "flow" of time.