HL2.4 - Grade 5 Titanium Version

HL2.4 - Grade 5 Titanium Version

HAUTLENCE is delighted to present a new timepiece from the Concepts d’exception collection named HL2.4, grade 5 titanium version.

The HL2.0 caliber represents the second generation of HAUTLENCE watches. Faithful to the brand’s fundamental concept of offering a different way of reading time, this collection goes even further and establishes HAUTLENCE among the most prestigious contemporary watchmaking brands.

The HL2.0 models display half-trailing jumping hours - one of the special features of this second collection - retrograde minutes - a signature of the brand - and a power-reserve indicator.
The collection also includes an automatic movement for the first time.


The first patent concerns the half-trailing hours chain (as opposed to an instant system that is too fast to appreciate, or a dragging system that cannot be read correctly between the hours): every 60 minutes the chain advances in 3-4 seconds without jumps or loss of energy, making it possible to admire the beauty of the movement and its mechanisms in action.

The second patent relates to the regulating organ integrated into the mobile bridge movement. Its constantly changing position, driven by the display, compensates statistically for the effect of gravity, enhancing its precision.
The third patent covers the operation of the movement's two barrels. The principal barrel is wound by the automatic system and transmits the energy needed to wind a second barrel that is devoted exclusively to driving the complication. It is kept fully wound by the main barrel to ensure that an optimal level of energy is available to change each hour. This means the complex systems are powered independently without affecting the precision of the watch.


When the retrograde minutes hand returns to zero to begin the next hour, the connecting-rod mechanism drives 1 revolution of the system by means of the function star. This is when the mechanical magic of the HAUTLENCE HL2.0 starts to work:

The mechanisms come to life simultaneously, powered by the energy in the complication barrel. The speed control that allows the chain links to advance the hours in 3-4 seconds begins to function and completes 48 revolutions at high speed (as opposed to instantly). The half-trailing hours display advances one revolution powered by the system's gear train. A coupler transmits the kinematics of the chain to the mobile bridge movement incorporating the regulating organ, which rotates through 60°.

The kinematics of the full HL2.0 movement are structured in three dimensions by the use of special bevelled gears. These bevelled gears are produced with uniquely shaped tools to achieve optimal efficiency in gear-train transmission.

This timepiece also includes a power-reserve indicator as well as an oscillating weight in 18-carat gold. All numerals and indicators are luminescent to ensure excellent readability at night.

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