HAUTLENCE - watches & reviews

Founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE – whose name itself is an ana- gram of Neuchâtel – pays tribute to the birthplace of the watch- making art. The brand has been praised by watch collectors and aficionados from across the world for bringing a new dynamism to the art of fine watchmaking.

In 2022, HAUTLENCE embarked on a new chapter in its history. While continuing to refine and develop the brand’s signature codes, HAUTLENCE adopted a brand new, more contemporary and sporty approach. Featuring a new structure, a more exclusive distribution network and a visual identity aligned with the brand’s positioning, HAUTLENCE now has the resources to confirm its status as a leading independent.

With annual production of around 200 pieces, HAUTLENCE has eight calibres designed and developed in-house, whilst also relying on external partners for the movements used in certain collections.

In strategic terms, HAUTLENCE can count on support from MELB Holding, an independent family watchmaking group which has been offering its experience and network since 2012, with the synergies between HAUTLENCE and the group sure to grow.

HAUTLENCE is pushing the boundaries of traditional watch- making codes, uniting them with innovative mechanical solutions and an unlimited universe borrowed from the various arts, combi- ning design, architecture, and movement. The brand takes its inspiration from this to create new approaches to time display, which it uses to elevate the two key dimensions of space and time. Ever conscious of a functional relationship with beauty, HAUTLENCE invents timepieces with completely new contours and depths, respecting every stage and every person involved in their production.