Eterna - watches & reviews

Eterna has since 1856 manufactured high-quality mechanical timepieces born of traditional craftsmanship. Over its more than 150 years of existence, numerous major developments have emerged from the company's workshops. Revolutionary innovations such as the Eterna-Matic ball-bearing-mounted rotor and the first alarm-equipped wristwatch originated at Eterna. Other milestones include the recently developed Eterna Spherodrive spring barrel construction mounted on ball-bearings that has set a new reference with respect to the quality and longevity of a mechanical movement. As one of a few manufacturers, Eterna values new ideas and sophisticated materials in the practice of its traditional craft. And it is by doing so that Eterna has succeeded time and time again in devising unexpected solutions to centuries-old watchmaking challenges. Eterna today belongs to the China Haidian Group.