We strive to travel faster, to communicate and exchange faster, to produce faster and to grow faster. Every day, we are given new tools to accelerate the pace and win precious seconds. However, paradoxically, it seems that we constantly end up with less and less time to truly engage with what we are doing. Having the time to take the time has become a priceless notion. Just as luxury.

The only rational side to luxury is quality. For the rest, engaging in true luxury is all about irrationality. An emotional decision you make with your heart and that goes beyond all other considerations. Your senses are awakened; you feel harmony, plenitude and comfort. Acquiring a DeWitt watch brings you in a different world, where your feelings can speak and where your mind can start dreaming. Dreaming of liberty, the mere essence of luxury.

Just as Mr de Witt himself, founder and President of the company, the DeWitt brand breathes a unique vision of luxury, daringly different and unconventional. Following trends is easy and reassuring. But to continue exploring new boundaries when everybody else has abandoned takes a certain state of mind, made of independence and character. The DeWitt personality is precisely about persistence and audacity. About being different and feeling the liberty to dream of new objects that will bring you to irrational heights.

Mr de Witt being a man of convictions, he has managed to instill his perception of luxury into the teams surrounding him. And one of his very rational convictions concerns quality: the highest level of perfection can only be achieved by giving each master watchmaker the time to truly engage with his work. For this reason, one by one and from the very beginning, each DeWitt timepiece has been assembled by a single master watchmaker. With patience. With love. With time. 

From there onwards, just let your heart do the rest.