The Jury Of The GPHG 2019 Retains The Two Timepieces Submitted By De Bethune

Press Release – GPHG 2019

The Jury Of The GPHG 2019 Retains The Two Timepieces Submitted By De Bethune

De Bethune is particularly proud and pleased to learn that the two timepieces submitted as entries for the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève 2019, were retained for the jury’s official preselection.

The DB28 Yellow Tones in the Men’s Category

A master in the art of thermal oxidation of metals, De Bethune continues to explore all the hues and shades achievable with steel grades and titanium by heat-induced chemical reactions. To create its own fiery yellow, De Bethune applies its famous technique of gently oxidizing grade 5 titanium to naturally tint its surface. This ritual conjures a rare, unique, uniform and extraordinary flame blonde colour.

De Bethune DB28 Yellow Tones

Furthermore, the DB28 impresses with the Maison’s latest innovations:

• The patented spherical moon phase, located at 6 o'clock. Made of steel and palladium, it is accurate to within one lunar day every 122 years.

• Aerodynamics, optimized efficiency, reliability, regulating quality, thermo-compensation, anti-magnetism... the high-performance escapement features a titanium balance wheel torque with white gold weights, and a patented flat terminal curve spiral, ensuring an ideal mass/inertia ratio for an optimal frequency of 28,800 vph adapted to wristwatches.

• The benchmark-setting “triple pare-chute” shock absorption system

The DB28GS Grand Bleu in the Diver’s Category

De Bethune presents its first 100% sports watch. A diver that opens a new chapter, designed and built for the active life while cultivating the elegant signature De Bethune look.

A new calibre, water resistance now extended to 100 metres, excellent legibility even in lowest light conditions thanks to ingenious lighting inside the movement, a different bezel that now rotates together with the crystal to give diving time, a titanium case for lightness, and a rubber strap for practicality. This watch also features a 5-day power reserve.

De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu

Pierre Jacques, CEO of De Bethune, said: “We are very pleased and proud to learn that our two watches have been officially preselected by the Jury, to whom we are very grateful. These two models testify to the brand's great creative vitality. With these two timepieces, our founder and master watchmaker Denis Flageollet explores new territories: a magnificent new fiery blonde hue for titanium, new technical innovations, and a first sports watch designed for diving. All of us at De Bethune feel privileged to share a refreshing and vibrant dynamic and it shows through our watchmaking. Our capacity for innovation is stronger than ever.”

“Best Sport Watch” Award For The De Bethune DB28GS Grand Bleu At SIAR

De Bethune’s DB28GS Brand Bleu has been awarded the “Best Sport Watch” prize at the SIAR.

De Bethune DB28 Yellow Tones

The beauty of gold, the brilliance of precious stones, and yet.... none compare to the intensity and hypnotic radiance of fire.