De Bethune - watches & reviews

Founded in 2002, Manufacture De Bethune is an independent watchmaker that develops and produces everything in house.

Since its founding, De Bethune has developed no less than 29 calibres, presented 30 or so world firsts, filed a number of patents and launched around 150 one-of-a-kind models. Its timepieces have won awards in major international competitions. 

Through its creations, De Bethune is perpetuating the work of the great 18th century master watchmakers in their quest for perfect time measurement backed by a sense of supreme aesthetic beauty. Leveraging cutting-edge scientific and technological discoveries, its efforts are devoted to inventing unique, innovative and high-performance solutions.

Not doing more, but instead doing better; drawing inspiration from the past so as to perpetually reinvent it and create bridges with other fields of knowledge. Such are the principles guiding De Bethune in developing horological mechanisms and expressing artistic creativity.

Testifying to this quest for perfection and this tireless pursuit of beauty, the pure style, taut lines and slenderness of the cases embody a contemporary interpretation of the watchmaking art according to De Bethune.

Shaping 21st century watchmaking while safeguarding the finest traditions, firmly rooted in history and resolutely looking to the future, De Bethune pursues an outstanding approach effectively combining art and science.