Cabestan's watches & novelties

Cabestan, a new start with a new team. Under the management of Lionel Betoux, new owner and CEO, Cabestan will become a well-known brand in the world of the independent swiss watch industry.

Creating highly mechanical design with tourbillon, fuse and chain, reintroducing historical materials and ancestral technics, reinforcing the position of High Luxurious and Independent Swiss Watch manufacture, are some of the new targets of Lionel Betoux.

Unique, limited in series and customizable, the Cabestan is produced, finished, assembled, regulated and tested in-house by our own team of talented watchmakers. Building each tourbillon one-by-one. Assembling the miniature chain under a microscope, one link at time. Polishing and adjusting each component, no matter how tiny, with painstaking care and attention. This is traditional watchmaking at its absolute finest.