The unique CONTINUITY OCEAN sold for the benefit of Bal du printemps

The unique CONTINUITY OCEAN sold for the benefit of Bal du printemps

The 15th Bal du Printemps, organized by the International foundation for the research in paraplegia was held on March 21st at the “Halle Sécheron” (Geneva), gathered 450 participants for a gala evening under the theme “Under the Ocean”.

The concert of Christophe Maé will stay in memoirs, as well as the testimony of Professor Grégoire Courtine who presented the movie " Rewalk ", on the results of his searches which allowed to restore the mobility of paraplegic rats, and which gets ready to make out a will this therapy on the man.

The Auction led under the spell of Simon Kidston will have allowed to collect in total CHF 122’000.- for the research in paraplegia. Blacksand Genève is happy to have been able to participate in this exceptional event by offering to the auction a unique timepiece specially created for the occasion.

Housed in a pink gold case set with diamonds, a turtle entirely made and engraved by hand makes us travel in a sea of enamel. The Blacksand Genève 1999, self-winding caliber, provides a poetic reading of the time. With an indication of the jumping hours at 12 o’clock and the dragging minutes at 6 o’clock, this little gem plunges us into a world where only the water window at 3 o'clock lets us know if we swim at night or in daylight...

The various decoration techniques used imbue these watches with a distinctive aura. A unique stage setting featuring several translucent coats of lacquer applied by hand on the dial, with the champlevé technique, meticulous gold cutting, the subtle integration of colored motifs, create a stunning backdrop for this tale to be experienced with elegance and genuine awareness.

Celebrating time in the present in order to preserve the future is now an integral part of the corporate codes governing the Blacksand Genève brand.