Bianchet - watches & reviews

Bianchet: a brand that embodies the passion of the founders, Emmanuelle and Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, for watchmaking, their convictions and above all, their aesthetic sensibility. It would be four years before the inkling of an idea became Bianchet the brand.

Bianchet’s beginnings date back to 2017. Rodolfo Festa Bianchet was then a successful entrepreneur in the Fintech sector and CEO of Riflexo, the Turin-based software developer behind the first online trading app for smartphones. The app, Trade Interceptor, is built around the proprietary TrendRisk engine and analyzes market psychology to detect trends. The brainchild of Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, it, too, is based on the Golden Ratio of 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence.

Emmanuelle Festa Bianchet, Rodolfo’s wife, was born in Rome to a French family of artists and musicians, and attended the Conservatory. A painter and sculptor, she regularly exhibits her works in art galleries. She, too, always had a particular affinity for the harmony that emanates from the Golden Ratio of 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence.

When their software company was acquired by a US buyer, they seized the opportunity to concretize their passion for watches and watchmaking. Bianchet was born from the shared belief in creating something beautiful, something as strongly anchored in reality as it is connected to the timeless.