Atelier de Chronométrie - watches & reviews

Atelier de Chronométrie appeared on the independent watchmaking scene in 2015 bringing a romantic understanding of haute horlogerie. Our philosophy is rooted in time-honored ways of handcrafting timepieces exclusively using age old watchmaking techniques and artisanal tools and machines. We firmly believe that it is possible to create handmade wristwatches without renouncing quality or accuracy and offer the chance to acquire unique timepieces. Our dream is to return to the heyday of artisanal watchmaking when commissioning a watch meant a free interchange of ideas between the customers and the artisans.

Working by hand give us the freedom that allows Atelier de Chronométrie to create unique timepieces. Each watch is a new beginning, an entirely new project in itself, because we defend the idea that every customer deserves an unrepeatable watch. Customers can choose from many options such as the case material, the type of dial design and different choices for the calibre as well as type of movements from time only till complications. With an aesthetic influenced by the glorious era of the watchmaking -the 30’s and 40’s, the Atelier de Chronométrie timepieces are characterized by a timeless look that enhances the beauty of the dials and the calibres.