Will Breitling's Partnership With Triumph Motorcycles Set A New Standard?
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Will Breitling's Partnership With Triumph Motorcycles Set A New Standard?

Breitling is doubling down on its love affair with motorcycles and announced a partnership with Triumph Motorcycles. Be on the lookout for a few handsome retro-modern collaborations in the near future.

By Bryan Campbell

Breitling is no stranger to the world of motorcycles. In 2019, Breitling partnered with Norton, and just this past March, the Swiss watch brand collaborated with Deus Ex Machina and brought new life to the adventure-centric Top Time. Breitling is now going one step further, inking a long-term partnership deal with the famed British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph.

Motorcycles and Watches

Watches and motorcycles enjoy a century-old symbiotic relationship; however, in the modern era, the influences they have on each other have proven to be a delicate dance. More often than not, when watch brands introduce a motorcycle-themed watch, it tends to be on-the-nose and hilariously patronizing. Think brake disc-style cases or overthought complications somehow using drive chains.

Luckily, we already know Breitling shows restraint and can make a watch that looks handsome both on and off the bike (merely take a look at the Top Time Deus Limited Edition for proof). So it’s safe to assume they’ll deploy the same tack with Triumph.

Breitling and Triumph

Interestingly, this time around, the partnership is more than two brands coming together on one project. The pan-European duo announced the collaboration would produce both a special edition watch and a custom special edition motorcycle.

Unfortunately, seeing the two in the metal will have to wait until early 2022. In the meantime, if you make your way to select Breitling Boutiques around the world, you’ll notice they’ve started decorating the floor with some very good-looking Triumph furniture.

The actual special edition bikes and watches are no doubt already in the works. And if Triumph and Breitling want to create two truly special products, they’ll have to be more than just jointly tacking brand logos on each other’s products. Both brands are big fans of black and gold, so the smart money is on a mutual colorway.

To really make a statement of intent, both the watch and the bike should receive unique hardware that’s simultaneously stylish and performance driven. Details such as a tachometer by Breitling or a wrist strap made from Triumph seat leather would be simple, exciting ways to celebrate the newfound relationship.

Stay Tuned For More

However, there’s cause for confidence that the fruits of the endeavor will be just as desirable as what Breitling and Triumph make on their own, based on Breitling’s most recent moto partnership.

Then again, there’s always a chance this will result in just another sticker-swap-specials garnered with slightly higher price tags. Obviously, we’re hoping it’s the latter, but we’ll have to wait until 2022 to find out.

For more information about the partnership, visit the Breitling website.

(Photography by Watchonista, images © Breitling)

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