We’re Partnering With eBay, And What That Means

We’re Partnering With eBay, And What That Means

The Silicon Valley firm has partnered with Watchonista to tap into our expertise in the watch industry as well as our content creation services.

By Watchonista

Today, Watchonista is pleased to announce our partnership with eBay, one of the largest luxury watch marketplaces in the world. Starting today, eBay and Watchonista will be key strategic partners in the Silicon Valley firm’s ever-evolving foray into the luxury watches segment.

eBay has turned to Watchonista to leverage our expertise and credibility to further establish eBay’s watches category in the minds of luxury watch shoppers. Watchonista’s partnership with eBay will focus on the creation of useful and entertaining content (for Watchonista and eBay) that educates both longtime and new collectors and enthusiasts. Storytelling will be at the center of the content strategy, with an approach that emphasizes bringing context to watches and enabling shoppers to discover the timepieces that will express both their ambition and personal style.

What Does This Mean?

It is important to note that eBay will not be joining Watchonista as a brand or retail partner. Watchonista’s independence and devotion to our existing industry relationships and partners (both brand and retail) will remain unchanged. As a reader, you will still see the same daily content you have come to know and love on our website and social media channels.

Secondly, Watchonista continues to stand by our decision not to sell watches. As the luxury watch market evolves, buyers have never had so many options for obtaining their dream timepieces. Brands, retailers, and yes, eBay offer a multitude of options when it comes to purchasing a luxury timepiece.

Editorial Independence

Lastly, eBay will not be controlling the editorial content on Watchonista.

Will we have the occasional article about eBay? For sure. Will our editorial team be guided by eBay in any way to cover certain novelties, topics, brands, or trends? Absolutely not.

For more information or to discuss our editorial strategy, you can email our Editor-in-Chief directly.

eBay and Luxury Watches

In 2020, eBay double-downed on the luxury watch market, introducing several new offerings that significantly strengthened its position in the luxury space and continues to evolve to make the shopping and selling experience better and more seamless. These new offerings include the September launch of eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee (a post-sale authentication service of qualified watches sold for $2,000 or more in the U.S.), a forthcoming escrow payment option, and a dedicated Instagram channel – @ebaywatches – to underscore eBay’s incredible breadth and depth of vintage and new timepieces relevant and shoppable for a new generation of enthusiasts and collectors.

Leveraging the marketplace’s newfound Instagram platform to further eBay’s relevance with a new audience of collectors, Watchonista will serve as an expert resource, creating content that guides enthusiasts to their ideal watch. Watchonista’s in-house Creative Studios will also be on tap to craft original content to better fuel these new channels.

With eBay operating in 190 markets, it is also an invaluable asset that Watchonista maintains offices in both New York and Switzerland with access to thousands of watch collectors around the globe.

“eBay’s watches category offers collectors and enthusiasts a dynamically unparalleled selection of vintage and new timepieces in terms of its breadth and depth,” said Tirath Kamdar, GM of Luxury at eBay. “With an industry authority like Watchonista as a partner, we’re able to further steep ourselves in the language of collecting, adding to our recently launched @ebaywatches offering by culling together expert voices and content that bring to life the stories of watch enthusiasts everywhere.”

And Josh Shanks, Editor-in-Chief of Watchonista, commented, “As an eBay member since 1998, I’m thrilled to work with eBay on this dynamic partnership. This partnership adds another dimension to our growing business and strengthens our ability to help brands evolve their digital offerings. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for eBay and Watchonista!”

About Watchonista

Watchonista is a global online magazine dedicated to covering the watch industry, watch collecting, and luxury lifestyle. Every day, visitors to our website and social media channels interact with immersive content produced by our dynamic team of writers, editors, and content producers. Watchonista Creative Studios was launched in 2013 to support the digital strategies of brands and retailers. Our renowned team of experts delivers the very best solutions for content creation, social media strategy, and digital promotions. Watchonista also offers exclusive advertising and promotional campaigns to our brand partners and select retailers. To learn more, please email contact@watchonista.com.

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