A Love Supreme: Four Of The Streetwear Brand’s Best Timepiece Collaborations

A Love Supreme: Four Of The Streetwear Brand’s Best Timepiece Collaborations

From skateboards to Sotheby’s, today, we take a look at how the label has redefined luxury.

By Rhonda Riche

When James Jebbia founded Supreme in 1994, it was a SoHo-based skateboard shop. Twenty-eight years later, the brand’s New York City boutique has moved to the Bowery, opened stores around the world, and amassed a global cult following, with lineups of devotees snaking down the street awaiting the label’s latest drop.

Over the last decade, with its limited-edition releases and partnerships with more established brands, Supreme has reshaped what luxury means. Perhaps the most defining example of its influence came last December when Sotheby’s launched a whole new category devoted to streetwear with an auction that included a collection of classic skateboard decks designed by artists like Peter Saville, Takashi Murakami, and Damien Hirst.

And since watch enthusiasts are familiar with the flood of endorphins someone experiences when they get their hands on a FOMO piece, it only makes sense that Supreme would collaborate with some of the world’s most recognizable watchmakers to create the following legendary drops!

Supreme x Rolex Submariner

Supreme has collaborated with most of the world’s most desirable luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Fender, and Tiffany & Co. But its most epic mashup was 2013’s Supreme x Rolex Submariner. It's important to note this wasn't an official collaboration with The Crown, but the brainchild of Supreme's creative team.

The Submariner Ref. 114060 was decorated with Supreme’s “FUCK EM” slogan on the dial and the company’s signature box logo on the back. However, when released, this 20-piece limited edition was only available to friends and family of the brand.

In 2015, reseller Stadium Goods offered an example for $50,000. By 2021 the asking price was $100,000. So not only did Supreme change the luxury landscape with its low-key marketing and collabs, it was an early indicator of the power of the resale market for Supreme branded goods.

Supreme x Jacob & Co. Time Zone

One of the blingiest cross-branding efforts from Supreme was 2020s Jacob & Co. x Supreme Time Zone. This stainless steel watch was inspired by the watchmaker’s Five Time Zones collection and came in two sizes: a positively ginormous 47mm case and a much more reasonable 40mm case. Plus, in addition to displaying the time New York, Paris, and Tokyo, Supreme’s familiar box logo and “FUCK EM” motto is also on the dial.

Both watches featured bezels set with brilliant white diamonds – the 40mm had 52 (approx. 2.08 carats), while the 47mm had 51 (approx. 3.06) – and rounding out the look was a red alligator strap. Finally, each watch was presented in an exclusive Jacob & Co. x Supreme display box.

Supreme x Timex Digital

While collaborations with high-end brands and celebrated artists elevated Supreme in the eyes of big spenders, the brand still sticks to its street roots. Just look to partnerships with Hanes, Vans, and Levi’s for proof.

One of its most anticipated collaborative efforts was Supreme x Timex Digital Watch from 2019. This retro timepiece came in two colorways: gold and silver, with the Supreme logo printed on the digital screen. Best of all, it cost a mere $68.

Flipping Supreme goods is just as popular as turning over a Patek Philippe for fun and profit. So, it’s not surprising that you can still find the Supreme X Timex on platforms like eBay and StockX for about $250.

Supreme x Seiko Marathon Clock

Another notable thing about Supreme is its irreverence. On top of t-shirts and skateboards, they have also released everything from Supreme branded Meissen figurines, MetroCards, and, most infamously, a brick.

When they teamed up with Seiko in April 2021, instead of remixing a famous wristwatch, Supreme made a miniature alarm clock version of Seiko’s marathon clock that hangs above the finish line in professional sporting events.

However, instead of using Seiko’s signature shade of yellow, the Supreme x Seiko Marathon Clock came in bright Supreme red. And the price was right as well, clocking in at just $48. Needless to say, it sold out faster than Usain Bolt sprints 100 meters.

To check out more of Supreme’s collaborations, visit the brand’s website.

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